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Just a few decades ago, women tended to find a product they liked and stuck to it. But these days, beauty is changing, with so many new ideas, limited editions and fast-changing fashions that there's always something that's worth discovering.

Beauty luxe is back

It didn’t take the beauty industry long to get tired of the pared-back, recessionista style. Estée Lauder has even teamed with designer Michael Kors to launch a limited edition Very Hollywood Color Collection. There are two looks: Bel Air Beige is a peach and coral palette with smoky eyes, while Rodeo Pink is more daring, with bold lips and cheeks in vibrant raspberry.

Lip glosses are working harder

Forget the old glosses that made lips shine for 10 minutes, then wore off. Today’s top glosses have the rich colour and staying power of a lippy, plus they condition and plump the lips.

Foundation is on a roll

There are already mousses, creams, liquids, compacts, brush-ons and powders, so I really thought I’d seen it all as far as foundation was concerned. But now L’oréal Paris has invented the roll-on foundation. With its flexible applicator, which stretches the product over your skin, this is said to be the easiest way yet to achieve even, sheer coverage.

oascara is getting more interesting

For a while, if a mascara wasn’t brown or black, it wasn’t worth wearing. But coloured mascara is finally making a comeback. Green looks great on blue eyes and purple really makes brown eyes pop!

Brows are getting bolder

Skinny, overplucked brows are not where it’s at right now. oost new makeup collections include a brow pencil for filling in sparse areas and creating a strong, groomed brow. The trick is to apply it with feathery strokes rather than in a hard line, directing the pencil upward and outward.

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