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Five simple mistakes that are ruining your hair

Think you’re doing hair a favour by letting it dry naturally? Think again ladies.
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We’re more clued up than we used to be on caring for our tresses, but here are five surprising habits that are actually doing more harm than good.

Mistake: Sleeping with wet hair

Yep, according to the experts, sleeping with wet hair, despite the fact that this usually means we haven’t heat styled it, is actually super bad for it.

According to hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins, wet strands are fragile, stretch easily and can break as you wriggle around in bed.

Fix: Why not take care of hair by applying oil to the ends, and then shampooing out in the morning. Or if you can’t stop yourself from night showering, invest in a soft cotton pillowcase to minimise drag on the hair.

Mistake: Too many up-dos

Wearing your hair up all the time causes pressure to be put on the root, which can lead to hair loss. This can also lead to scalp issues which are no fun either!

Fix: Let your hair loose!

Mistake: Spraying too soon

For any hairspray addicts out there, listen up. Hairspray is fine after the event, but if you’re putting it on hair and then heat styling you are drying it out in double quick time. This is because hairspray contains alcohol, which will just frazzle you when combined with heat.

Fix: Use a hair primer or leave in conditioner to protect strands from heat damage, then if you must set your style, do so afterwards.

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Mistake: Towel drying

We know, everyone bangs on about using less heat on hair, but it seems like we’re not allowed to do anything else either. Towels are actually pretty bad for your hair, as they are rough and can cause split ends.

Fix: Use a microfiber towel or old T-shirt – they’re softer and will give you healthier locks.

Mistake: Skipping conditioner

No matter how greasy you think your hair is, you need to use conditioner. It may just be a case of finding the right one for you. Not using one at all will lead to dry hair that is easily damaged.

Fix: If you struggle with oily hair, opt for a light conditioner and remember to only use it on the ends.

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