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If you want to give those skincare products a helping hand, look no further than your pantry.
Look no further than your pantry to give your skincare products a natural boost.

The Skin Evener: Cashew milk

Trim, almond or soy milk? If you’re still looking for the perfect milk to go with your morning coffee fix, then we suggest you start thinking about cashew milk instead. It contains the antioxidant copper, which helps to improve skin elasticity and will work to even out your skin tone. On top of that, it’s a great source of skin-firming zinc.

Try: Substitute your current milk choice with a splash of unsweetened cashew milk in your tea and coffee.

The Youth Maker: Turmeric

The main active ingredient in this spice is curcumin, which has long been known to have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. “It can also provide wonderful liver support,” says clinical nutrition and women’s health expert Rene Schliebs. “And anything that works on the detoxification of organ systems will help to support a healthy looking complexion.”

Try: Look for spice blends which contain turmeric and add it to spicy dishes. Add black pepper to turmeric to improve absorption.

The Acne Enemy: Crushed garlic

Believe it or not, this strong stuff fights acne-causing bacteria, which can result in clearer-looking skin. The anti-bacterial properties of garlic are only released when it’s crushed.

Try: It might not sound very nice but a teaspoon of raw crushed garlic could do wonders for your skin – if you can stomach it!

The Free Radical Fighter: Cooked tomatoes

Because they release the antioxidant lycopene, cooked tomatoes help protect our cells against damaging free radicals which are often caused by sun exposure. If you can protect your skin cells, this in turn will help to delay ageing and wrinkling.

Try: 1 cup of cooked tomatoes per day will give you 100% of your vitamin C, which will help to support collagen synthesis.

The Skin Strengthener: Bone broths

If you’re already on board with the clean-eating trend, you’ll know exactly what bone broth is. For the rest of you, like its name suggests, bone broth is made from the leftover bones from your roast and simmered in water. “The combination of amino acids, minerals and collagen in bone broth can significantly help to improve the skin’s appearance and elasticity,” says health expert Schliebs.

Try: Cover leftover bones, an onion, a leek, two bay leaves and a splash of apple cider vinegar with water. Bring to the boil, reduce and simmer for six hours. Try 1½ cups twice a week.

Words by: Sarah Murray

Photographs by: Duncan Killick / and Getty Images

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