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Concealer – beauty’s biggest secret revealed

Concealer is the secret to the beauty universe because of the way it can magically brighten up a face.

Concealer is the secret to the beauty universe because of the way it can magically brighten up a face. Concealers have changed in recent years. There are lots of options when it comes to disguising blemishes and dark circles: sticks, creams, mousses and highlighters. It’s all about finding the right formula to suit you and using a few of these tips.

Dark circles

  • The product that gives enough coverage for blemishes might not necessarily be right for lightening the dark circles beneath your eyes.

  • For the eyes, choose a yellow-toned concealer that’s one to two shades lighter than your foundation. You may need a couple of different shades because circles can lighten and darken depending on the season, stress and tiredness.

  • Avoid concealers that are too chalky or too greasy.

  • Prep the skin with a light, hydrating eye cream first.

  • Apply corrector or concealer to the eye area before applying foundation.

  • Use a small-headed, firm brush to apply concealer beneath the eye and then blend by gently tapping with your finger. Don’t drag the skin or apply much pressure.

  • Start with a small amount. You can always apply more if you find you need more coverage but you’re looking to lighten and brighten, not cake it on.

  • Set the concealer in place with a light dusting of a super-silky face powder.

Blemishes, broken capillaries

  • Find a concealer that matches your complexion exactly. Again, you might need a couple of shade options if your skin tone changes between summer and winter.

  • Generally speaking, drier concealers adhere to the skin better than liquid ones so have more staying power and give more coverage. Powder concealers can be better for women with oily skins because they don’t slide off.

  • Apply concealer to cover blemishes after first applying moisturiser or primer and foundation.

  • Spot-apply and pat gently with your finger to blend.

  • Start with a small amount and layer up if necessary.

  • Set with a little powder if you’re using a cream or liquid concealer.



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