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5 must-have beauty accessories

Save time and money by selecting a few key items for effective application.
Nicky Pellegrino
  1. Hair sectioning clips: There’s a reason that stylists tend to walk around with these clipped to their clothes. They’re essential for achieving a smooth, long-lasting blow-dry, as well as salon-standard straightening or tonging. If you have thick hair, finger-dry it first to take out the bulk of the moisture. Then use the clips to create small sections of hair, working from the nape to the crown as you blow-dry, making sure each piece is dried completely before moving to the next. Try Via ultra Sectioning Clips $9.99.

  2. Tapered eyeshadow brush: You can apply foundation with your fingers and use lipstick straight from the tube but for powdered eyeshadow, a tapered blending brush is crucial. Go for a fluffy-ended one and use it for creating a sheer wash of colour over your lids, as well as blending darker shadow into light and softening the hard edges of eyeliner. Try Bobbi Brown Eye Smudge $62.

  3. Lash curler: Curling your lashes will make them look fuller and fluttery, plus it’ll open up your eyes. Look for a sturdy curler that has a soft rubber pad so it’s gentle on the lashes and won’t pinch. Try MAC Full Lash Curler $48.

  4. Slanted tweezers: You can get tweezers with pointy ends but the slanted ones are more effective and much easier to use. A slant tip allows you to tackle your own brows from the best angle, it’ll help you to divide and separate hairs and give more grip. Those witchy hairs that sprout from chins and upper lips can also be whisked away with ease. The Body Shop Slanted Tweezers $11.50.

  5. Bobby pins: From ponytails to top knots and chignons, bobby pins are indispensable. Buy them in a shade to match your hair colour or go for something fun and decorative. For styles that stay in place all day, insert so the bumpy side touches your scalp; it’ll help keep it from sliding out. You can also use a spritz of dry shampoo to provide extra grip. QVS Bobby Pins in Brown, Blonde or Black $6.99 for 80. Wicked Sister Crystal Hearts Bobby Pins $11.90 for two.

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