Meet the Traitors NZ 2024 cast prepared to backstab and betray

As the devilish reality show returns for another season, we introduce the contestants to watch
The Traitors NZ 2024 press image with Paul henry in front of the entire cast

Paul Henry is back to host another exciting murder-mystery party in season two of addictive reality series The Traitors NZ, but this time, there’s a twist to the lying, betrayal and backstabbing.

While last year’s cast was full of celebrities, including Mike Puru, Brodie Kane and Colin Mathura-Jeffree, this time, the 22 contestants fighting it out for a $100,000 prize at spooky Claremont Manor are largely average Kiwis.

Traitors NZ host Paul Henry

“I love that they’re everyday New Zealanders,” says Paul, 63. “Of course, they’re not inferior to celebrities, but there aren’t any preconceptions about them, so the audience will live this game with them in a much more realistic way.”

While he admits “in my heart of hearts, I just want to be retired”, Paul agreed to return to The Traitors because “a little part of me would have died inside if someone else was asked to do it”.

The Traitors NZ premieres Monday 1 July on Three and ThreeNow.

Meet the Traitors NZ 2024 cast

The ones to watch out for…

Bailey Kench, 28

Videographer, Auckland

Traitors NZ 2024 star Bailey

The wedding camerawoman may struggle with back-stabbing, admitting, “I’m a big people pleaser. Once I was staying with friends and had a bad reaction to their cat and couldn’t breathe. But instead of admitting I was having an asthma attack, I tried to sleep it off, before driving to the hospital in the early hours.” But Bailey did once win a murder-mystery dinner party. “I was the murderer and no one suspected me!”

Siale Tunoka, 43

Teacher, Dunedin

Traitors NZ 2024 star Siale

A joker, golfer, surfer and all-around nice guy, Siale is also an actor, having starred in the movies Adrift and The Royal Treatment, although he wants to keep that a secret. Oops! Asked about his biggest-ever lie, he laughs, “I once told my class that I was a member of the Fijian team who beat Wales in the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals. That’s still doing the rounds years on!”

Jason Kahika, 52

Landscaper, Tauranga

Traitors NZ 2024 star Jason

Though he’s keen to keep his military history to himself, Jason has worked for the navy, the police and in security. Suffice to say, he’s extremely observant. However, the Bruce Lee fan admits he’s “stubborn as a bull” and often spends so much time helping others that he has no time for himself. The last time he lied? “I said I ate all my lunch, though I didn’t because I had a sneaky pie!”


Influencer, Brisbane

Traitors NZ 2024 star Joe

The self-described “Queen of Sass” confesses, “My most toxic trait is that I can’t keep my mouth shut. I’ll always respond, even when I don’t need to or if it has nothing to do with me.” He certainly doesn’t have a poker face, admitting, “My facials speak even louder than my mouth!” His biggest ever lie? “I told myself I was going to start my diet on Monday. Today’s Thursday and I’m sure I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been!”

Ben Porter, 22

Actor, Sydney

Traitors NZ 2024 star Ben

Originally from Wellington, the former soap star played shooter Milo Cross on Shortland Street, before crossing the ditch. Asked about the biggest lie he’s ever told, Ben says, “My teacher once told me I had to go on a three-day hike on my own for a high school assignment, but there was no way in hell I was going to do that, so I went to my brother’s farm, popped up a tent and took some photos to prove it. Easiest 20-minute hike of my life!”

Andrew Allemora, 37

Marketing executive, Auckland

Traitors NZ 2024 star Andrew

Asked about the biggest lie he’s ever told, the Beyoncé superfan laughs, “I said I was straight for 21 years!” He explains, “I grew up as the black sheep in an evangelical Christian household, so I lied a lot. After I came out of the closet, I made a pact to stop hiding my full authentic self. I genuinely can’t remember the last lie I told.” Andrew now has a tattoo on his ribs that says “veritas vos liberabit” – Latin for “the truth will set you free”.

Brittany Cunningham, 32

Influencer, Auckland

Traitors NZ 2024 star Brittany

The content creator has been big on TikTok ever since she started renovating her City of Sails home. “I’m guilty of using the sick-kid card to get out of things I don’t want to do,” the cleaning addict admits. The biggest lie she’s ever told? “I’ve been a mother for 12 years and all three of my children still unwaveringly believe in Santa – but that’s not a lie because Santa is 100% definitely real!”

Utah Mann, 28

Wrestler, Auckland

Traitors NZ 2024 star Utah

Having grown up between Aotearoa and the US, the athlete is a member of Tonga’s Olympic wrestling squad and is also a marketing executive for the Moana Pasifika rugby team. His biggest lie was claiming he could dance a traditional Siva Samoa to get a gig with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at the MTV Movie Awards in 2019. “I did the rehearsals, danced at the awards and made off with the $2500 cheque! Fake it till you make it!”

The underdogs…

Traitors NZ 2024 star Brianna

Brianna Anglesey, 24

Administrator, Wellington

Traitors NZ 2024 star Cat

Cat Hooker, 40

Occupational therapist, Melbourne

Traitors NZ 2024 star Molly

Molly Fehr, 24

Emergency responder, Dunedin

Traitors NZ 2024 star Wiremu

Wiremu Tapara, 32

Council manager, Tauranga

Traitors NZ 2024 star Terry

Terry Frisby, 51

Account manager, Invercargill

Traitors NZ 2024 star Janay

Janay Harding, 29

MMA fighter, Auckland

Traitors NZ 2024 star Donna

Donna Officer, 40

Information manager, Te Puke

Traitors NZ 2024 star Noel

Noel Calamas, 22

Writer, Invercargill/New York

Jane Massey, 53

Diversity officer, Tauranga

Mark Mockridge, 32

Game master, Auckland

Jackie Pope, 70

Clairvoyant, Auckland

Stephen Lane, 67

Retired salesman, Hamilton

Whitney Greene, 38

Funeral director, Cromwell

Mike Adams, 35

Builder, New Plymouth

The Traitors NZ premieres Monday 1 July on Three and ThreeNow.

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