The villians have emerged early in New Zealand’s MKR

The first episode of MKR sees Heather and Mitch come off as less than sweet.
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In the first episode of season two of My Kitchen Rules New Zealand last night, it wasn’t hard to pick who the season’s villians were to be.

As the six teams met for the first time around Tash and Hera’s dining table, Heather and Mitch were quick to come straight out with their fighting talk: “We’re not here to make friends… If the food’s not great I will not hold back,” Heather proclaimed.

With many of their comments meeting an uneasy silence or raised eyebrows, Manu politely ventured, “You guys sound very confident.”

“We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t confident… we are going to win,” Heather replied.

From the entree through to dessert, the competitive couple proved hard to please:

“Reading the menu it just said paua, and looking at the plate it wasn’t just paua,” Mitch complained about the entree.

“Honestly, has it been a long time?” Heather whined, when the main hadn’t come out 40 minutes after the entree. “Yes, Heather,” Mitch confirmed.

The onion marmalade was pronounced a “bit burny” and the mini pavs weren’t “exactly that”.

“Surprise, surprise, Heather’s quite blunt about the dessert, goes straight for the jugular,” Chris from Chris and Bex suggests.

But we note he didn’t say it to her face.

It was also Heather who made the first racial slur of the evening, saying to contestant Teal, who is originally from Cambodia but has lived in Wellington for most of his life:

“So are you a Kiwi, or what? You don’t say much so we can’t judge the accent.”

Teal was later referred to by Ben from Ben and Jaryd as an Asian Johnny Depp.

As distasteful as it is to watch, we fear we will probably go back for seconds.

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