The Block NZ beauties: It’s our time to play up!

What a reveal! The Block babes get a glam makeover
The Block NZ: Villa Wars

On The Block NZ: Villa Wars, you’re more likely to watch these DIY divas slapping on a lick of paint than lippy, but when we catch Brooke Thompson, Cat Glass, Jamie Johns, and Sarah and Minanne Kong off duty at our Woman’s Day photo shoot, the ravishing renovation rookies don’t need any guidance in the glam department.

Flaunting their foxy figures and stunning smiles for our cameras, these keen competitors scrub up well after weeks of gruelling and dirty DIY. But the fab five, who have put themselves out there for the nation to judge, have already proved with each construction challenge that they’re more than what meets the eye.

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Despite being on primetime TV – something newsreaders and actresses alike take on only with the help of a team of make-up artists and stylists – these women have been appearing on TV3 screens week in, week out with hardly a skerrick of make-up, and they’re completely unfazed.

L-R: Minanne, Cat, Brooke, Sarah and Jamie.

Before getting stuck into their dilapidated villa, pint-sized design whizz Sarah admits to having had a few reservations about appearing au naturel on national TV.

“I wouldn’t say I’m high maintenance, but I’m definitely more of a girly girl than The Block makes out,” says the Wellington-based designer, who’s lucky just to brush her teeth morning and night at Block HQ, let alone put her full face on.

“The way I look at it is, this is New Zealand’s only impression of me – they don’t know how I look day to day, so they won’t know how far I’ve fallen. At the end of the day, I’ve got a job to do, so looks go right out the window.”

“Growing up, Mum has always taught us that the way we look is good enough – we are perfect the way we are. She taught us that the way we carry ourselves and present ourselves is far more important than looks and vanity,” Sarah’s younger sister and team-mate Minanne says.

The University of Auckland arts and commerce student reveals it was her mum’s wise words that were ringing in her ears as she hacked away at her lush locks.

“We get paint in our hair so often. You don’t have time to wash your hair and when you do, it’s really hard to wash out. My hair was getting all tangled. It was just a mess, so I chopped it off – a good five to 10 centimetres!”

“Confidence for me has nothing to do with my looks. I feel the best about myself when I know that I can achieve something,” says star netballer Jamie, 23, who’s more worried about learning her skirting from her scaffolding at Block HQ than perfecting a smoky eye.

“I’ve grown up on the court, so wearing lots of make-up has never appealed to me. When I have it on, I actually tend to feel more self-conscious because I’m not used to it and I feel like everyone is staring at me,” she says.

“Don’t get me wrong, though, I still love a good night out with the girls. I’m often kicking around in my exercise gear, so there’s nothing like getting out and getting low on the dance floor.”

Brooke’s supportive squeeze Mitch Davies encourages the blonde bombshell to embrace her natural beauty, so it’s little wonder the low-maintenance Block lifestyle appeals to the Christchurch banker.

“I feel sexiest with minimal make-up, comfy jeans and no bra – comfort is definitely the key to feeling sexy,” she says.

“Being beautiful to me means feeling comfortable and carefree in your own skin. I love feeling healthy and happy, and that’s what brings out true beauty.”

Brooke’s gal pal Cat – who competes with her high-school sweetheart Jeremy Hill – have their lack of vanity in common! The Taranki preschool teacher reveals she and Brooke would always coordinate their morning routines at the ablution block before they had completed the bathrooms on their rundown abodes.

“It was a chance to spruce up and have a good gossip without the boys being around,” she smiles.

“At the end of the day, I’m a ’Naki girl through and through, and am most comfortable in my trackies, curled up on the couch with Jeremy, the cat and a glass of red wine – that’s about as glam as it gets,” Cat says.

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