Sam and Emmett crowned the winners of The Block NZ 2016

The ultimate winners of The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys have been crowned!
Sam and Emmett, The Block NZ

It has been months away from family and friends, sleepless nights, back-breaking manual labour and more painting than they had ever imagined and it’s all been for this: taking out the grand prize and coveted title of The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys winners!

And the champions are Sam Cable and Emmett Vallender!

Check out Sam and Emmett’s winning moment in the video below. Story continues.

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Moments ago, after the last hammer fell, it was announced that the Purple Team’s house made the most profit over reserve and not only that but the most profit in The Block NZ’s HISTORY, selling for $1,610,000 giving the boys’ $480,000 to take home.

The lovable larrikins, who shared a tight embrace when they heard the news – as well as fist-pumping their way through the auction – had a controversial time on the show but it has now all been worth the blood, sweat and tears.

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The eventful evening, hosted at an Auckland city hotel, started off with a bang when Dyls and Dylz were crowned the People’s Choice winners. Then it was over to Sam and Emmett to set the order for the houses going under the block – on The Block!

First up, the boys chose Niki and Tiff, followed by Emma and Courtney and Dyls and Dylz, putting themselves last.

The controversial move shocked many, but it looks like the boys’ gamble paid off in a big way! Congratulations to the boys on their amazing win.

“We were looking for a top four finish,” jokes Sam when we asked about their momentous win.

The Wellington boys, both 29, say it wasn’t easy to decide the running order for the auction. In the lead up to tonight, they got the opinions of family and friends along with real estate agents on how an auction like this would go down and what they should do.

The boys admit they changed their minds about the order every day – even this morning, before the auction.

“We’ve had a lot of time off to work it out because we’ve been unemployed – quote me on that,” quips Sam, as the boys gave up their homes and jobs to compete the hit TV3 reality show.

What’s next for Sam and Emmett? Well, we have a feeling it’s not the last we’ll see of these charismatic comedians!

Final Results

Purple Team: Sam and Emmett’s house sold for $1.61 million, with a total combined profit of $480,000.

Blue Team: Courtney and Emma’s house sold for $1.51 million, with a profit of $300,000.

Orange Team: Dyls and Dylz’s house sold for $1.341 million, with a profit of $151,000.

Yellow Team: Niki and Tiff’s house sold for $1.32 million, with a profit of $150,000.

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