After The Final Rose: The biggest bombshells

Arthur gets grilled by the Bachelorettes!
Art Green

Last night was the moment every Bachelor fan knew was coming, as the ‘After The Final Rose’ special brought the Bachelorettes and Arthur Green back together one last time.

It was a night filled with laughs and quite a few tears as well, as the women relived the first season of The Bachelor NZ and got a chance to ask Arthur everything they hadn’t been able to get closure on before they left.

Here are the biggest reveals and bombshells from the special:

The moment Poppy knew it was over

Poppy Salter

First up on the couch with Mike Puru was fan favourite Poppy Salter, who took some time to address the fart heard ’round the nation – “the whoopee cushion fart was enormous! It wasn’t really that big in real life,” she assured us – and the moment her relationship with Art changed.

Poppy revealed it was after her hometown date, when Arthur “whipped out his phone” and started texting away while the two were still together! Poppy said that was the “pivotal point” for her, when she realised he didn’t like her as much as she would have wanted.

Chrystal tells all

Chrystal Chenery

Self-proclaimed ‘bitchelorette’ Chrystal Chenery said she wouldn’t do anything different if she were on the show again.

“Take me whatever way you like,” she said, shrugging off her polarising effect on the Kiwi public.

She did, however, joke that she wouldn’t have told Art she was going to punch him if she’d known there were overnight dates coming up next!

Art is Alysha’s wingman

Alysha Brown

Perhaps one of the more surprising moments of last night was Alysha Brown (who made it to the final three) revealing her and Art are still “really good friends now”! No broken hearts there, then. In fact, the 26-year-old Southlander said Art was her wingman and was going to set her up with one of his friends.

Alysha, who confessed a previous marriage to Art during her time on the show, said the Bachelor had shown her she was ready to move on from her previous heartbreak.

“I am ready to fall in love again, so there’s nothing but blessings and love that I’ve taken from this,” she said.

Dani grills Art

Dani Robinson

Runner up Dani Robinson, who made it so close to the end but ultimately lost out to Matilda Rice, took Art to task for what he said in those final moments.

“One thing that really kind of upset me was when you said to [Matilda], ‘it’s always been you,'” she told Art.

“That discounted and took all the value out of out of the relationship I thought that we had … why was I there? Was I a fill-in until the end?”

Art reassured her he had had “incredibly strong feelings” for both women and it wasn’t until that final point that he realised it had to be Matilda.

“I really think you’re incredible and I just loved every moment with you and I’m really sorry,” he told Dani.

The Bachelor NZ returns

Finally, the biggest bombshell revealed last night was that the show will be returning to NZ screens!

That means a whole new group of Bachelorettes will be vying for the love of the Bachelor when the hit show airs its second season – we can’t wait!

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