The Bachelor NZ 2021: Here come the girls!

Meet the 18 stunning Kiwi singles hoping to make Moses their man.

The Bachelor New Zealand has hit all the right notes with its very first celebrity leading man – Sol3 Mio singer and Flava radio host Moses Mackay!

Having spent much of his life travelling for concerts and operas, the 30-year-old Samoan-Kiwi baritone has been brought home by the global pandemic and is using the time to finally find love.

“Life’s about experiences – and this is just another one,” the Celebrity Treasure Island star says, adding that while his mum initially hated the idea, she now sees it as “a chance to put myself first and hopefully find my person”.

When it comes to what Moses is looking for in a partner, he’s after someone with the right kind of energy – someone that when they walk into the room you can feel their heart smiling – and you just know!

So will one of these ladies have that energy that Moses is looking for?

Amanda Page, 33, Auckland

A real estate agent and adrenaline junkie, she lists Channing Tatum as her celeb crush. “He’s sexy and knows how to move!”

Chanel Lutton, 28, Wellington

The financial analyst can’t choose between Chris Hemsworth, Evans or Pratt. “Heart and humour – what else do you need?”

Cirrus Tan, 28, Christchurch

A personal trainer with a crush on “that handsome young man Art Green”, she admits, “I’d rather be on Survivor.”

Devaney Davis, 22, Auckland

The Zac Efron fan cringes recalling a first date who asked her to pretend to be a student at a cricket match so he could buy cheaper tickets.

Freya Puharich, 26, Dargaville

The paediatric nurse, who was once engaged, says, “My worst date was when he was dropping me home and purposely let out a massive fart.”

Georgia Miller, 24, Northland

The PE teacher has a “big-ass crush” on Chris Brown. “I boom his old songs with my friends – we think we’re good enough to be his back-up dancers.”

Kate Porter, 25, Auckland

The nutritionist, who has met Victoria Beckham twice and has a crush on Harry Styles, reveals, “I hate burgers – unpopular opinion, I know!”

Kayla Anderson, 27, Waihi

A self-love coach, whose longest relationship lasted seven years, says, “I love the feeling of having the stereo volume on an even number.”

Kimi-Rose Webster, 27, Auckland

A high school English teacher and die-hard Angelina Jolie fan, she confesses, “I could bake bread, knit and sew before I could read.”

Lana Ennis, 29, Queenstown

The critical care nurse and health coach says food is her love language. “I love crispy salmon skin and

I’ll eat yours if you don’t!”

Luisa Kures, 31, Invercargill

The content creator is a keen rugby player, but she warns, “I run with my eyes closed and someone has to yell at me to put the ball down!”

Negin Shademan, 26, Auckland

The police officer, whose name means “rare diamond” in Persian, confesses, “I’m a secret gamer who enjoys playing PC in my spare time.”

Niki Osborne, 34, Auckland

Once a competitive horse rider, Niki’s now a forensic scientist who spends a lot of time looking at bloodstains, but she wants to live on a farm again.

Sabby Jey, 27, Auckland

A company director who once sang in a Christian band, she admits, “I developed a wee crush on Dr Ashley Bloomfield in 2020.”

Samantha McKenzie, 29, New Plymouth

The recruitment officer admits to a crush on Dr Ashley, adding, “I recently met Daddy Bloomfield and what a vibe! Even got a handshake.”

Shenae Connelly, 27, Auckland

“I love reading about World Wars I and II, and visiting war museums,” says the marketing advisor. “I find it so fascinating.”

Shivani Pragji, 26, Auckland

“I’m currently crushing on Bachelorette contestant Paul Patterson,” the solicitor shares. “I love a man who can cook!”

Steph Kennard, 29, Tauranga

The entrepreneur, who has dated three guys named Jono, says, “I wanted to be a fighter pilot when I grew up and did air training corp for three years.”

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