Shortland Street’s receptionists through the years

Shortland Street’s front desk favourites over the show's 25 years.

Who can forget the legendary words, “Kia Ora, Shortland Street”?

As the Kiwi soap celebrates turning 25, we thought it was time to take a look back at some of the familiar faces who have been at the frontline of the Ferndale hospital.

For more from Shorty’s receptionists – past and present – grab this week’s issue of New Zealand Woman’s Weekly.

1992-1996 Marjorie “Marj” Brasch played by Elizabeth McRae.

Elizabeth McRae returned for Shortland Street’s 20th birthday celebrations.

1992-1998 Kirsty Knight played by Angela Dotchin

1994-2001 Minnie Crozier played by Katrina Devine

1994 – 2004 Waverley Harrison (née Wilson) played by Claire Chitham

Who could forget the banter between Waverly and Kirsty Knight (Angela Dotchin)?

1997-2001 Moira Crombie played by Geraldine Brophy

2001-2005 Barbara Heywood played by Annie Whittle

2004-2007 Claire Solomon played by Emily Robins

2004 – 2011 Yvonne Jeffries played by Alison Quigan

2007- 2010 Gerald Tippet played by Harry McNaughton

2010-2015 Bella Durville (neé Cooper) played by Amelia Reid

2014-2015 Clementine Dean played by Karima Madut

2010, 2011, 2014 – now Leanne Miller played by Jennifer Ludlam

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Shortland Street stars share what advice they would give their 25-year-old selves.

For more from Shortland Street’s receptionists – past and present – see this week’s issue of New Zealand Woman’s Weekly.

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