Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty: Rachel heads to Brazil

Rachel heads to Brazil to discover the secrets of the locals' energy, passion and joy
Rachel Hunter in Brazil

As New Zealand’s most successful supermodel, Rachel Hunter is no stranger to baring her body.

But as the gorgeous mum-of-two edges ever closer to 50, she admits maintaining her figure isn’t quite as simple as it used to be.

“I can’t eat as much as I used to,” the blonde bombshell, 46, tells.

“People will come over and say ‘there’s no food in your fridge,’ but I’m like a crow or a seagull – I scavenge throughout the day. I don’t live by breakfast, lunch and dinner. I never go to the gym, if I so much as look at a weight, my shoulder muscles will burst. If I worked out with weights and ate three solid meals a day, I’d be enormous.”

Admitting her weight has fluctuated over the years, the star continues: “After I had back surgery I was stuck in bed and I would read comments from people saying how fat I was. Like many women, my body responds to where I am emotionally.”

But the Kiwi expat isn’t resigning her two-piece to the back of the wardrobe just yet!

In the next episode of Rachel Hunter’s Tour Of Beauty, the model goes in search of the secret to body confidence in the home of the bikini – Brazil.

Hunting out the secrets to a joyful life and focused on finding out where the Brazilian people get their sheer energy and passion from, Rachel’s hit series is about to get a little sexier!

Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty airs Wednesdays on TV One at 8pm.

Rachel visits Brazil in the next episode of her show. Photo: Supplied

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