Queen of fantasy: Q & A with Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke

The Mother of Dragons herself, Emilia Clarke has us spellbound with tales of Jon Snow and her hunt for a real-life hero
Emilia Clarke

She’s sworn to secrecy about season six of Game of Thrones, but that definitely wasn’t going to put us off chatting to the gorgeous Mother of Dragons, Emilia Clarke. While she’s the first to admit she’d be shot for telling us anything about what’s going to happen this time around, she’s more than happy to talk life in the limelight, how she spends her spare time and looking for a leading man!

Everyone knows it’s all top secret, but can you tease us with a little something about season six?

So much happens, but no, I can’t tell you! All I’ll say is that anything you don’t expect to happen is probably going to happen this season. Sorry, that’s very vague, isn’t it? I can also say that no-one is getting on, there’s a lot of fighting and you’re going to see some of the biggest moments ever on TV. I know every season we say how this is going to be the biggest season ever, but this time it really is.

Everyone wants to know if Jon Snow is dead or alive. What can you tell us?

Just that it’s going to be big. It’s epic and crazy. If I say anything else, I’ll get shot!

Have you spent the last few months being asked the same question by fans?

Oh, yes. It’s been, “Can I have a selfie and is Jon Snow alive?” And my answer is always, “Yeah and watch the show in April!”

And what about Daenerys? Are there scenes you are particularly excited for fans to see this season?

Well, there’s some riding dragons! There are some amazing scenes which I would love to talk about, but I can’t because the way it was left for Daenerys at the end of last season was a bit of a cliffhanger. But we do know that she hasn’t died … No, she’s not dead, but she’s back with the Dothraki. Back to being surrounded by muscly men. Yay!

Your character doesn’t have much luck with men. How do you fare in real life?

Nope! I’m too busy. I need a nice leading man to come and sweep me off my feet!

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How has Game of Thrones changed your life?

Oh, in every way. My life is unrecognisable to what it was before all this started. It’s been incredible and amazing. I still pinch myself that I’m still here with my dragons!

So as an actress, are you living the dream?

I think I am. Not that I could have ever dreamed of anything quite like this. I always knew I wanted to act, and to perform in roles that inspired me and pushed me as an actress. Game of Thrones and other things like Terminator Genisys have ticked all of those boxes – and quite a few more.

At what age did you first realise this is what you wanted to do?

I think I would have been about three. I always wanted to be an actor and being a loud child who just wouldn’t be quiet, my parents were like, “Yes, that makes sense. Go for it!”

Do you get recognised by fans a lot now?

Not as much as you might think because in Game of Thrones, the wig I wear really changes the way I look. I’ve been lucky that I mainly get to go out and about unnoticed and that has given me a good opportunity to cope with all the major changes that have come with the role.

What do you do when you get time off from the show?

I just go home to my bed, have a good fry-up, and enjoy lots of hugs with my friends and my mum and dad at home. I’m so boring!

Left: Emilia with her co-stars on Game of Thrones. Right: In character as Daenerys Targaryen.

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