MAFS: Nadia reveals the real reason why she stayed with Anthony

It was a decision that shocked many Married At First Sight viewers - now, Nadia is opening up about what motivated her decision to stay with her controversial on-screen hubby.
Nadia and Anthony, Married At First Sight

Social media predictably went into meltdown when Married At First Sight star Nadia decided to stay with her experimental husband Anthony during the couple’s vow renewal ceremony, which aired during last night’s episode of the reality show.

And now, the Brisbane-based flight attendant is setting the record straight once and for all.

“I was having a real battle between my head and heart,” the 36-year-old told TV WEEK of her final decision.

“It was such a pros and cons feeling and I was having a real tug of war. I felt a bit of apprehension, but at the same time when I did get there, he was very warm and happy to see me and if felt like he was really consciously wanting to move forward.”

Despite public opinion, Nadia says Anthony isn’t a bad guy.

“He gave me a lot of optimism and hope, and I really hadn’t been at that point with anyone for quite some time,” she continues.

“I didn’t want to disappoint him either.”

Chatting to TV WEEK about her time on the show, Nadia also took the opportunity to dispel rumours she’s only on the show for fame and that she and expert John Aiken were flirty on set.

Nadia says Anthony isn’t a bad guy.

“God, it’s ridiculous,” Nadia says.

“John has a beautiful wife and gorgeous kids. Like, he’s a lovely man and he’s just very generous with his time and a compassionate man, but there’s absolutely nothing going on between us! And I would never ever go after a fish in the pond that’s already taken.

“I would never consider someone else’s man, regardless of whether they’re happy or not. That’s a number one rule in my book. I could not live with myself.”

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