MKR NZ contestants get harsh at Chris and Bex’s

Although Pete and Manu were impressed, Chris and Bex's fellow My Kitchen Rules New Zealand contestants brought their own large helpings of salt to the table.
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Chris and Bex’s top-scoring entrée and dessert couldn’t save them from the scorn of dinner guests. The now-exes served up chicken liver parfait, lamb ragout and a plum and almond tart with Cardrona Rose Rabbit ice cream for their Wanaka restaurant menu, but the feedback wasn’t sweet – it was bitter.

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Manu pulled his usual “I didn’t like it……………………………………………….I LOVED IT!” spiel, and he and Pete were very complimentary. Manu, who was outdoing himself on the French-O-meter said that if he had “gone to a little French bistro and ordered the parfait and got served this, I’d pay money for it”.

Charlotte on the other hand was less sure: “It was very salty, even though I love salt.”

Wait, what?

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Teal was so bothered by the chopping boards being used as serving platters that he seemed really quite upset.

“Food on a chopping board? I don’t get that. Please leave the board at home in the kitchen.”

We weren’t the only ones thinking the teams were being a bit negative-nancy, with Tash and Hera noting that “the feel, the vibe, the critiques… I mean how do you take it when something is amazing and people are being a little bit harsh?”

We were impressed Tash was able to appreciate the food at all, what with smelling that rat and all.

Despite the harsh critiques from the contestants, Chris and Bex won over the judges with their high-scoring entree and desserts. Even if their main course was “over reduced” and lacking in “that juice, that moisture, that, that, that… sauce” that Pete got so animated over.

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Food aside, the real kicker was when the judges called Chris and Bex’s dessert a match made in heaven. The then-smitten couple looked at each other and said “just like us”.

They have since split, following the filming of the show. I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Their score from their fellow contestants was the same as the team currently coming second to last, Jaryd and Ben. So second overall, but still apparently in first place on the rest of the team’s hit lists.

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