Melissa Rawson just braved this gnarly parenting moment like a pro and shared an incredible health update on her twins

''We can finally dress them in baby clothes.''
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Melissa Rawson has just weathered an ‘oh no’ moment with her newborn Levi, and she handled it like a parenting pro.

It’s a milestone no one wants to encounter, but it’s almost unavoidable, so after one of her twin boys projectile defecated on her, the former Married At First Sight bride had to share it with her fans.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, new mum Liss shared a picture of her wet jumper and pants as she looked over Levi.

Not for the faint of heart. Instagram

She captioned it, “Levi did a projectile 💩 on Mummy, his crib and the floor.”

Of course, the former MAFS contestant took the incident in her stride, which was made clear by her gold medal and smiley face emojis.

It has been a week of exciting breakthroughs for Melissa and fiancé Bryce Ruthven as their sons are finally out of their isolettes, which they had been confined to since their premature birth.

The mum-of-two shared a picture of her babies in their new onesies, which was an incredible feat for the mum to finally dress them, and she posted a video of one son sucking on his dummy.

In her caption, Liss explained that they are making noises she can hear for the first time and that this improvement in their health means they will come home soon.

“Now that the boys are out of their isolettes and in their open cribs, we can finally dress them in baby clothes (00000 is still too big for them 😂) and properly hear their gorgeous little sounds and chatter.

Both boys have just started suckling, which is another step closer to coming home 🥰,” she shared.

Her fiancé Bryce, whom she was matched with on the 2021 season of the reality dating show, shared a comment on her post to gush over their growing sons.

“Every parent says it but.. we’ve got the cutest kids ever! 💙,” he penned.

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The good news comes over a week since the couple revealed their sons were in isolation after a COVID case popped up in the NICU ward.

Tate and Levi were tested for the virus and thankfully received a negative result, but the hospital had placed them in isolation for 14 days to keep them safe.

Bryce took to his Instagram to share the scary news, uploading a video of his babies and Melissa in the hospital, captioning it, “A Covid case in the twins NICU ward.”

“Tate and Levi are all good but quite worrying until they both came back negative. They’re both in 14-day isolation, so no cuddles today for the boys. Hopefully soon,” he wrote.

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