Meet the new cooks battling it out on My Kitchen Rules

Meet the fresh batch of cooks joining MKR

Leanne & Milena, sisters

Leanne, 50, and Milena, 52, grew up learning to cook alongside their Italian mother. As two of eight kids in Melbourne, food was incredibly important and regarded as a way to bring the family together. They’re excited to introduce their mum’s simple, delicious flavours at their instant restaurant.

Nicky & Jose, couple

Adelaide pair Nicky, 46, and Jose, 51, met on the dance floor six years ago. With a love of all things food and hospitality, Nicky has always dreamed of opening her own café, while Jose’s passion for food comes from his Spanish heritage. They admit they’re not experts, but their dishes are always filled with love.

Rosie & Hayley, aunt & niece

When Rosie, 53, survived breast cancer, her world view changed. Now she’s determined to live life to the fullest. With her love of cooking, MKR was the obvious choice. She’s teaming up with her niece Hayley, 29. The Brisbane pair are close and share a passion for Italian cooking.

Matt & KT, best friends

Matt, 36, and KT, 33, have been inseparable since meeting at a friend’s 18th birthday party. Of Aboriginal heritage, Matt grew up with a “nose to tail” approach to meat, while both like to put the native ingredients and flavours of the outback front and centre in their dishes.

Sophie & Katherine, friends

Sophie, 53, and Katherine, 55, are no strangers to working together in the kitchen – in fact, they’ve made it their full-time job. The Sydney pair run a business that delivers nutritious ready-to-eat meals. They’re both self-taught cooks who prioritise simple, delicious food over a fancy-looking plate.

Che & David, mates

Both from Albany, Western Australia, Che, 43, and David, 35, are best friends who bonded over their love of chillies. David is an experienced competitor in chilli-eating competitions, while Che owns an award-winning hot-sauce company. Will they be hot stuff in the MKR aprons too?

MKR Australia screens 8.30pm Mondays & Tuesdays on TVNZ 2

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