MasterChef Australia’s Nicole found love through social media

Nicole Stevenson reveals how she met her boyfriend on Facebook.

Fellow contestant Nicole - who was part of the top 24 this season - is also connected to the incident, as her sister was the one who initially pulled Ben over.

It wasn’t fate but Facebook that brought Nicole Stevenson and her boyfriend Henry together.

The Queensland-based MasterChef Australia contestant laughs as she recalls the moment Henry added her as a friend two years ago.

“We have a lot of mutual friends and he was just a creep-o and added me on Facebook,” the Brisbane medical secretary tells TV WEEK.

“He asked me to lunch. But on our first date, I kind of brushed him off, because I thought he was a bit of a scatterbrain.”

Nicole gave him 
a second chance.

“On our second date, I decided he wasn’t so bad,” Nicole, 24, smiles.

The lovebirds initially had 
a long-distance relationship 
for several months as Henry was working as a fly-in, fly-out worker 
in northern Queensland.

Two months later, he was made redundant and the couple decided 
to go backpacking overseas together.

“We were like, ‘It’s either going 
to make us or break us,’” she admits. “But we had a great time.”

So what does Henry think about his girlfriend being on MasterChef?

“He was so ecstatic and he’s pretty much the whole reason I’m here,” she reveals. “He pushed me every night to do the application.”

Via TV Week

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