Married at First Sight NZ: The morning after for first wedding couples

They've woken up on their first morning together as husband and wife. So do the newlyweds have any regrets?
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They only met each other 24 hours earlier but Claire and Dominic are already getting cosy.

After being one of the first couples to take the plunge, episode two of Married at First Sight opens with the morning after the night before and Dom and Claire in bed looking a little worse for wear.

“We just stayed up late and talked… It was really nice,” says Claire.

“While there wasn’t an attraction for me at the wedding definitely after we were talking and I started to get know him I thought ‘yeah, he’s really nice.’”

The pair look very cuddly and Dom is already referring to his new bride as his wife.

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Over at Luke and Lacey’s hotel room there’s also been a lot of chatting going on as the pair get to know each other a bit better.

Although, he told the wedding party the day before that he only rated her a 7.2, funnyman Luke is clearly enjoying his time with Lacey. So much he couldn’t sleep he was so excited.

“We’re pretty comfortable together so far,” says Luke. “I’m pretty excited to get to know her”

Lacey gets giggly at Luke’s morning greeting.

So far so good. Will the morning be as sweet for the next two couples, Brett and Angel and Vicky and Andrew?

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