Married at First Sight NZ: Brett reveals his wedding night secret

Brett reveals the one thing he was nervous to tell Angel about.
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In a Woman’s Day exclusive, Married at First Sight’s Brett Renall has divulged secrets about his wedding night nerves – and the Canterbury carpenter’s jitters weren’t for the obvious reason!

Brett, 31, who has found a perfect match in Angel Fulljames, 26, on the hit Three series, confesses he was deeply concerned about telling his new bride that he has type 1 diabetes – a life-threatening illness.

The lovebirds.

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He manages this severe form of diabetes – where the body doesn’t create enough insulin to keep blood glucose in the normal range – with a pump that attaches to his stomach and delivers insulin through a catheter placed under the skin.

“Managing it is a constant battle. I have highs and lows – I’ve almost died twice,” Brett tells Woman’s Day.

But Brett needn’t have been so concerned about telling Angel about his illness and showing her his pump. It was the first thing he did when they returned to their room after the wedding.

“Angel was immediately so accepting,” tells Brett. “She was caring and wanted to understand more.”

Angel says, “I’d never think differently of Brett – that’s not who I am at all. Diabetes is a part of who Brett is and if anything, it just makes me want to learn all there is to know so I can be closer to him and care for him.”

For the full story on the beautiful bond between Brett and Angel – or A and B as they’re affectionately nicknamed – see this week’s Woman’s Day.

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