Why Married At First Sight fans have already fallen in love with Lizzie and her new groom Seb

Second time round it looks like Lizzie has got her match made in heaven.
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With a brand new look and a brand new husband, Lizzie Sobinoff returned to Married At First Sight Australia on Monday.

This time round the 28-year-old has been matched with former semi-pro AFL player Seb Guilhaus, 32, who has been single for eight years and is looking to settle down.

Last season fans will remember that Lizzie was paired with TV husband Sam Ball, and to say the match was unsuccessful would be the understatement of the year.

Lizzie never got to go on a honeymoon because Sam left her in the hotel room to attend a funeral. And then after his return he hooked up with another MAFS bride, Ines Basic. He also seemed fairly skilled at gaslighting his bride – making her think that she had gone mad for calling him out on things that he’d done, but denied.

Sam also came under fire for criticising his new wife’s appearance, saying she was “bigger” than the girls he usually dated – and after the show wrapped Lizzie underwent a massive weight loss transformation, which has sparked concerns for her health.

But it seems like the experts have nailed it this time around and viewers have taken to social media to express their delight.

Fans are calling Lizzie and Seb a breath of fresh air and the ‘love story to watch’, after all of the toxicity we saw on the show in recent days between David and Hayley, who the experts have since kicked off the show.

“I actually hope Lizzie & Seb find love, she went through enough last year, made out to be a weird crazy twit by her MAFS husband, copping a lot of hate on social media. Good luck to them on this time around for her,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

“Cannot wait for Seb to get his arse kicked by the experts for being a normal loving person looking for true love,” another remarked.

Lizzie has revealed to NW that her experience with Sam meant she entered this season with some fairly heavy duty walls up.

“I was scared as hell going in to this marriage – and extremely guarded,” she admitted.

“I was made to feel insane last year, so when I met Seb, who’s this cool, eccentric, out-there guy, but who also seems so great, I thought I’d just have to be careful and keep my cards close to my chest.

“He definitely had to work hard to prove he wasn’t another Sam Ball!”

She said this time round it has “just felt easy straight away. He really put me at ease.

“But again, I was so guarded that I couldn’t feel the full-blown connection straightaway because I didn’t allow myself to.”

She admitted she’s grown to love Seb’s goofy humour.

“And I adore the fact he always sees the positive side of every situation, he always wants to help everybody and he wears his heart on his sleeve – what you see is what you get!”

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Eagle-eyed fans suspect that Lizzie and Seb are actually still together, after noticing some telling Instagram clues.

Suspicions first arose in December when Seb shared photos of himself enjoying a luxury high tea in Sydney, and just a day later Lizzie shared her own snaps at the same location.

Then in February, both shared photos from atop Mount Lofty at the same lookout, a location near Seb’s South Australia home.

Watch this space!

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