Married at First Sight: Ben's grooming tips for Aaron

MAFS NZ couple Ben and Aaron got off to a rocky start, but Ben is teaching his new husband some "pretty committee" approved beauty tips.

By Alex Blackwood
"A lot of people ask me how I stay so cute," confesses Married at First Sight NZ's Ben, as he readies himself to divulge his beauty secrets to his new husband Aaron as well as the rest of New Zealand's men.
The Aucklander goes on to tell us all how he maintains his glowing complexion and self-described "good looks".
Turns out it takes a bit of work.
The 26-year-old insurance consultant lists hair spray, deodorant and mosturiser as his top beauty must-haves, citing his friends, "the pretty committee", as having approved his routine.
His new husband Aaron's routine, consisting of shampoo and deoderant, Ben rates a not-too-shabby but definitely-not-amazing B minus. A score that Ben hopes to coach up to an A plus.
The MAFS NZ's grooming expert's best advice?
"You can never moisturise too much." Because, take note men of New Zealand, "people with dry skin have dry lives." Gold.