‘I’m not attracted to this guy’ – Ben and Aaron’s awkward honeymoon

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The wedding day was far from comfortable and unfortunately the honeymoon didn’t get much better for Married At First Sight NZ stars, Ben and Aaron.

The two wake to a perfect beachfront view in Waiuku, however Ben is struggling to be positive due to battling a hangover from their wedding.

“Ben is hungover, but ah, hopefully that’s all there is to it,” Aaron says, clearly trying to remain optimistic.

They begin lunch, it’s visibly clear that Ben would rather not be there.

The boys cheers their glasses of champagne.

“Cheers to being married, let’s make it work hey?” Aaron says with a hopeful glance at Ben.

“Yeah man, it’s, ah, interesting,” Ben responds. (Yeah ‘man’? Uh oh…)

Ben and Aaron at what was supposed to be a romantic lunch date.

Positive Aaron isn’t quite picking up on Ben’s vacant vibes.

“Lunch was really nice, it’s probably the first time that we’ve really had to actually just sit down together, just the two of us and get to know each other.”

Aaron suggests the two open up with each other about their feelings, but Ben explains to Aaron that he’s not an open person. “I’m not, like, that emotionally outward usually, so that’s quite hard for me.”

“But I would rather know, and be disappointed then not know about it,” Aaron states.

Ben responds with a simple, “yeah fair enough”, but opens up to the camera while Aaron isn’t around.

“I’ve been quite like a brick wall, because I suppose at the moment i’m just feeling quite like, I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how to address it.”

A tense lunch for the boys, with Ben saying very little.

Ben and Aaron head to their spa bath, or should we say baths (they didn’t share).

Aaron leaves the decision to share or not with Ben.

“There was the option of doing two baths separate or one bath together, I left that one up to Ben to decide and, yeah, he chose two separate baths,” he says with a disappointed tone.

“I mean at the end of the day I don’t want him to be doing things that he feels uncomfortable doing, simply just to try and please me.”

Aaron in his separate bath.

“I don’t feel comfortable sharing a bath first of all cause, he’s very affectionate, and very touchy, and i’m not really. I’m just not like that as a person and I don’t really appreciate it, it’s kind of annoying,” Ben says.

While sitting in their separate baths, Ben cuts straight to the chase.

“Why do you think the experts put you and I together?”

“I mean first impressions when I saw you were, I think you’re really attractive, ” Aaron responds.

Ben begins to fidget, looking even more uncomfortable than at the start.

Aaron asks him why he believes they were put together. (Prepare yourselves for awkwardness).

“Um….. to be honest I have no idea,” Ben responds.

“I was quite surprised that they had matched me with you, you’re not usually the kinda guy I would go for.”

“I mean I am a little bit disappointed, he’s just not someone I would ever date, so I find that very hard,” Ben tells the camera.

“Look i’m disappointed that the sparks haven’t been there right from the start, it was quite disheartening to hear that the physical attraction from his side is not really there,” Aaron says.

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The following day, Aaron decides to take Ben out for a surprise day trip in attempts to lighten the boys tense bath conversation.

The boys start with a rainy bush walk, Ben’s mood seems to be slightly better than the day before (emphasis on the slightly).

Although it’s hard to see through the raindrops, is that a smile we see on Ben’s face?

Aaron begins to express his concern for the limited physical between him and Ben.

“There’s been absolutely zero physical contact at all,” he says, “hopefully that’s something that will grow, but it’s quite concerning to me at the moment.”

“He’s not a touchy feeling person, which, I can understand to a degree, but to the level where I’ll sit down on the couch beside him and he’ll seem to find a reason to move to the other couch, or i’ll put my arm on the arm rest in the car and you know we’ll touch arms and he’ll move his arm, it’s quite to an extreme level.”

Ben is feeling agitated by the constant attention.

“If he just keeps trying to give me affection it’s just going to get to a point where i’m going to push him away, completely shut him off and I won’t want a bar of it. It’ll completely ruin any chance we have of being together.”

The next activity for the boys on their honeymoon is ‘glamping’ with a large tee-pee styled tent and beach view, because Ben doesn’t do regular camping.

Ben is less than impressed upon arriving at the camp spot.

“I would have quite happily had the honeymoon here, at the glamping tent,” Aaron says.

However, Ben doesn’t seem as excited.

“We’re kinda forced to spend a lot of time together… but ah, that’s a good thing, that’s good for us.” (It’s a little hard to believe you on that one Ben).

“I’m definitely feeling a lot better than this morning, he’s starting to respect my boundaries a little bit more,” Ben says.

The night is left with Aaron alone in the bath and Ben off for a run down the beach.

“I feel like he’s set back in this position of, ‘oh he’s not what i’m looking for, so it’s not gonna work out, I just hope it doesn’t get to a point where I just blow,” Aaron says.

Who knows what’s on the cards for these two, but we wish you both the best of luck!

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