Exactly which Married At First Sight 2021 brides and grooms have been matched together

Will they be a match made in heaven?
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The cameras are rolling, the aisles have been delicately sprinkled with rose petals and we’ve finally met our Married At First Sight hopefuls for 2021.

As the new season of MAFS kicked off we were introduced to this year’s cohort of brides and grooms and given our fist insight into their personalities.

And, it’s safe to say they weren’t lacking in the big, bold and outspoken traits categories.

Naturally, drama kicked off on the first night between brides thanks to a sassy comment from Coco about the 16-year age gap between Samantha and her ex-husband.

Admittedly the drama is at least 70% of the reason we tune in, but the other 30% is to see exactly who is matched with whom and how disastrously or (by some miracle) well, the pairing goes.

See exactly which brides and grooms are saying ‘I do’ to one another on the show.

Belinda & Patrick

Never-had-a-boyfriend Belinda and unlucky-in-love Patrick made a surprisingly perfect match on the night of their nuptials.

Beth & Russell

It wasn’t exactly love at first sight for Beth and Russell.

“He wasn’t the person I had envisioned,” Beth admitted.

“I was open to whatever was happening but I definitely had a moment of shock.”

Alana & Jason

Jason couldn’t believe his eyes when “hot teacher” Alana walked down the aisle. Will she be able to keep this party boy in line?

Jo & James

They may come from two different worlds, James living a life of luxury and Jo a self-confessed Kmart lover (who isn’t?), but can these two parents find love and build one big happy family?

Coco & Sam

Two minutes of watching Coco and Sam’s wedding says it all, really.

Coco’s boisterous personality seemed a little much for Sam, who wasn’t afraid to throw a side-eye or share how he really felt.

Booka & Brett

We don’t want to jinx things but the matching of heavy metal musician Booka and eclectic psychology student Brett may be the best pairing we’ve seen on the show to date.

Samantha & Cameron

It was a case of instant attraction for Samantha and Cameron, but can they go the distance?

Bryce & Melissa

Having never been on a date, 31-year-old Melissa was understandably nervous to meet her new husband, radio presenter Bryce.

Despite a few awkward moments, trepidations and Bryce’s confession about his engagement, the couple seemed to hit it off quite well.

Jake & Beck

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who were cringing through the entirety of Jake and Beck’s wedding.

From the outset Beck was defensive and closed off to her new hubby.

“I thought I’d see this really happy, amazing smile but I got more of a ‘Ooh she’s hot’ kind of face,” she said before stating that Jake was looking at her like she was “sex on a stick.”

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