From cheating to a drugs bust to an unmentionable act: All the scandal about to rock Married At First Sight Australia

Brace yourselves New Zealand - we're in for a very bumpy ride!
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Spoiler alert! We don’t name names here, but we do reveal some of the more shocking scandals that are about to play out on the reality TV show.

From one season to the next Married At First Sight Australia has become more and more salacious.

There have been cheating scandals, partner swaps, on and off-air walk outs, explosive dinner parties and more than nasty words thrown.

Tears and drama have presided over stories of love and romance. In fact, does anyone watch the show to see couples make a success of their marriage any more?

This season is going to be no exception. If you think it’s been ‘quiet’ so far, fasten your seat belts because the road is about to get very bumpy.

Here are all the scandals about to rock Married At First Sight 2020:

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There is cheating (of course)

Without naming names, one of the brides hooks up with one of the other grooms while his bride is out of town. It sounds like it was not much more than a drunken fumble, but try explaining that to the bride and groom who’ve been cheated on. The pair in question have both downplayed it, but not before fellow MAFS bride Vanessa spilled all the details to New Idea:

“[The groom in question] walked into our room. He was really drunk, so was [the bride in question]. She said, ‘My husband doesn’t want to f… me’. And I said, ‘Mine doesn’t either’. [The groom] turned around and said, ‘I would f… both of you,'” she continued.

“They were fooling around on the bed and dry humping… Shoes were flying everywhere.”

The bride in question has since told New Idea that it was just a “party pash”.

“There might have been something shared, but it wasn’t a connection, that was more like a bottle of alcohol,” she said.

“Everyone’s had a 16-year-old party pash, haven’t they?”

There is a physical altercation

As a result of the afore-mentioned “party pash” the groom of the bride in question confronted the groom in question.

A source told New Idea that a physical altercation developed and the groom who’d been cheated on was sent to a separate hotel to “cool off”.

Bride’s toothbrush is used to clean poo off toilet

Yes, you read that correctly.

In what appears to be an act of revenge the groom who was cheated on used his wife’s toothbrush to clean faecal matter that she had left in their toilet.

A video of the disgusting act surfaced in January via The Daily Telegraph, but if you missed it the footage will reportedly be played to the contestants in the reunion episode, which was shot after the series ended.

The groom has explained his despicable act in‘s Not Here To Make Friends podcast:

“About three days after the cheating scandal happens, I’ve heard nothing from [wife] and I’m in a really dark place … I still had her room key, and that’s when I did something really childish.

“I knew she liked her equal in her coffee so I flogged that, I knew she liked clothes folded in a certain way, then while I was getting my toiletries out of the room, that’s when the whole toothbrush incident happens.

“She would go to the toilet without cleaning up after herself… I wasn’t a fan of the … what she would leave on the toilet bowl, so that’s when I grabbed the toothbrush and scrubbed the toilet with it.”

He said she used the toothbrush for five days.

“It’s her own poo, it’s her own bacteria in her own body so it’s not going to hurt her,” he theorised.

The bride was understandably outraged when she found out and has threatened behind the scenes to call in lawyers, an insider has revealed.

More bed-swapping…

A groom has told that he had a one-night stand with one of the other brides. While the bride in question has denied it, the groom said:

“I can confirm we did have sex, but it was clearly after [TV wife] and I had agreed with producers that our relationship was over, and [TV wife] knew we weren’t together.

“I actually didn’t want this [story] out as it’s not the best way to end my time on the show, but it did happen.”

In leaked text messages obtained by Woman’s Day, the bride appeared to ask the groom “are you coming tonight?” before mentioning he left in the morning without saying a proper goodbye.

In another message, the groom told the bride he wanted to kiss her.

“If they let you swap, would u do it? I’m going to see how this dinner party plays out before I decide what I’m going to do…

“I wanted to kiss u [sic] tonight. Don’t mean to be forward but some honesty for once can’t hurt!”

Filming had to be halted due to all the behind-the-scenes drama

Rumours have been rife that production on the show had to be halted for two weeks because there was so much drama happening behind the scenes.

Speaking to Australian breakfast show hosts, Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny, Michael Goonan revealed: “Production halted for two weeks because there was that much stuff that happened off-camera that wasn’t captured in the moment so production had to have multiple meetings and work out when everyone’s storyline is, because a lot of storylines had deviated or gone off the rails.”

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A contestant is busted with drugs

One of the contestants is busted on set with a suspicious bag of white powder, leading panicked producers to send him away to undergo mandatory drug counselling.

That’s right, we said ‘him’ – it’s not former drug addict, bride Hayley Vernon. Let’s just clear that up.

On the night in question, a handful of MAFS grooms were returning from a booze-fuelled night at The Star Sydney casino when the groom in question is said to have accidentally dropped a bag of white powder – which his fellow participants believed to be cocaine – on the floor of the CBD’s Skye Suites.

“His face just turned red, he was paralysed… he didn’t know where to look!” a source has said. “He came back drunk from the casino and grabbed a handful of poker chips out of his pocket when the bag just came flying out.

“One of the producers witnessed the whole thing and she just lost it at him,” says the insider.

“It was really heated – everyone was ordered back to their rooms and told to stay there. The production team tried to calm [the groom] down by assuring him that there were no cameras, but he was just so agitated by the entire situation.”

Following the incident, the groom was ordered to attend drug counselling, which included an extensive psychological assessment and drug and alcohol counselling.

Well, we warned you…

MAFS Australia is on Sundays 7pm and then Mon – Wed 7.30pm on Three

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