Guys, in case you missed it, Sam from MAFS has a social media following

'Do you know what an influencer is?'
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When it comes to getting Married at First Sight, the stakes are pretty high. You’re committing to a total stranger. Cameras are following your every move for weeks on end. You’re placed in high pressure situations that have the ability to make or break you. You’re putting yourself – warts and all – out there for the country to see.

People have all sorts of reasons for going on reality shows. Samuel Levi says he was genuinely on the show to find love. And when he was matched with Tayler Morgan, we had high hopes.

They’ve had their ups and downs as a couple. Sam called time on their relationship earlier this week, but we were heartened to see them get back together last night when everyone else was renewing (or not renewing) their vows. They were able to see, away from the pressure of the experiment and the cameras, that they had something worth fighting for.

And that’s the thing about putting yourself out there on a reality dating show. If you find love, great, but what’s the harm in using the opportunity to push your brand a little, right?

When you’re a social media influencer, your profile is power. And if you can raise your profile at the same time you’re looking for love, then why not? Two birds with one stone and all.

Check out the video above for all the times Sam mentioned his social media following. Hint – there are more than a few!

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