Married At First Sight Lyndall set for a showdown with Cam and Tayla!

As rumours swirl, the blonde bride sets the record straight

Rumours have been circulating about an X-rated scandal involving Cam Woods and Tayla Winter – and in Married At First Sight Australia this week, the truth is set to come out, with Cam’s wife Lyndall Grace swapping some harsh words with Hugo Armstrong’s wife Tayla at the reunion dinner party.

“There were some really hard conversations with Tayla – ones I wasn’t particularly comfortable with,” confesses Lyndall, 27, an accountant from Perth.

Viewers could see Tayla, 27, was attracted to Cam, 27, when she met him during the relationship experiment. But Lyndall wasn’t aware of that at the time. She adds, “I was oblivious about them even being friends!”

Lyndall uncovers a shocking truth at the dinner party.

For Lyndall, who has cystic fibrosis, her relationship started promisingly, with the “most incredible” wedding day. But cracks appeared when Cam’s mum paid them a visit and said Lyndall was “insecure” for wanting her hubby to be more affectionate.

“On our honeymoon, we were – not to be gross – all over each other. Then suddenly he’s not affectionate at all. I was like, ‘What?!'”

Lyndall believed the relationship problems were due to carpenter Cam being away from his home in the Northern Territory, but when she went to Darwin with him and the issues continued, she was “shattered”.

She says, “I was disappointed as I really thought this was going to be the thing that fixed it all.” But despite everything, Lyndall doesn’t wish she’d been paired with a different groom on the show.

“I was happy the experts put us together,” she tells. “We were well matched. There was never a question of preferring somebody else.”

Cam’s behaviour shocked his bride.

When it comes to rumours about Lyndall hooking up with both Hugo and also Melissa Sheppard’s husband Josh White, she insists reports are “wildly inaccurate”, adding, “Even if it did happen, which it didn’t, a person’s romantic or sexual endeavours are a very outdated way of judging someone.”

Lyndall adds that Hugo, 32, is simply “a good friend” and they’ve joked about the rumours. She says, “I was like, ‘Apparently we hooked up – that’s hilarious!’ Then he was like, ‘Well, I’m not going to correct anyone,’ and I was like, ‘Fine by me!'”

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