Lucy Elliott says farewell to Ferndale

Lucy Elliott speaks exclusively to Woman’s Day
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Lucy Elliott came on to our screens four years ago as troubled teen Dayna Jenkins and tonight she says farewell to Ferndale.

Speaking exclusively to Woman’s Day about her swift exit from Shortland Street, Lucy reveals she made it through her last day of filming dry-eyed – but the same couldn’t be said about her co-stars.

“Grace Palmer [who plays nurse Lucy Rickman] sobbed during my last scene with her. She was like, ‘I’m so sorry, I’ve just realised this is it,” and I said, ‘It’s okay but keep it together, woman!’” laughs the bubbly 22-year-old.

“Then we had leaving speeches at the end of the day and people said some really nice things about me – and Laura Thompson [aka baddie Victoria Anderton] even made up a hilarious rap! After that I got teary-eyed and then I sobbed like a baby when I did my speech!”

Lucy says since she walked on set at 18 she has made some life-long friends on the hit TV2 soap and she couldn’t have wished for a better start for her acting career.

“To be in a place where you are surrounded by people who are as eclectic and as nuts as you are, and they embrace you for the fact that you’re weird, was amazing for me and a life-changing experience.”

Check out Lucy do our Shorty Street quick fire in the video above!

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