Love Island hotties share their icks!

The new batch of hotties on TVNZ+’s Love Island UK reveal their biggest turn-offs

A brand new set of singletons are preparing to end the villa and find their perfect match on Love Island.

The dating show will see contestants do their best to flirt, date and couple up in a bid to avoid being dumped from the Island. But this season comes with a major twist, as the contestants are stripped of the power to choose who they want to couple up with, instead it’s the public who will match up the stars.

Here some of the new Islanders share their biggest turn offs.

George Fensom

Age: 24

From: Bedford

Occupation: Business development executive

Biggest ick: When girls clap their hands when they speak or when people put too many exclamation marks in texts. Three is enough!

Catherine Agbaje

Age: 22

From: Dublin

Occupation: Commercial real estate agent

Biggest ick: This might be a bit of a weird ick, but I don’t really like long hair on men, especially when it gets sweaty!

Jess Harding

Age: 22

From: London

Occupation: Aesthetics practitioner

Biggest ick: When a guy stunts for money, that’s an ick. And showing off all their designer clothes because most of the time they’re probably fake anyway!

Molly Marsh

Age: 21

From: Doncaster

Occupation: Musical theatre performer and social media content creator

Biggest ick: Guys shouting at the television when they’re watching sports or the news. You’re not getting anywhere with me if you’re shouting at the TV!

Andre Furtado

Age: 21

From: Dudley

Occupation: Business owner

Biggest ick: When I’m out eating with a fine woman and she’s chomping on her food. Another ick is being disrespectful, especially to parents, family members or waiters.

Tyrique Hyde

Age: 24

From: Essex

Occupation: Semi-professional footballer

Biggest ick: When girls walk around barefoot when they’re coming out of a club. Another one is girls who are too into star signs.

Mitchel Taylor

Age: 26

From: Sheffield

Occupation: Gas engineer

Biggest ick: Food in your teeth and counting coins in your hand. When a girl stands at the bar counting out the coins to pay for a drink, she’s not for me.

Mehdi Edno

Age: 26

From: Bordeaux and London

Occupation: Communications manager

Biggest ick: Clingy girls, and girls who act and talk in a childish way. I like a sophisticated girl who looks after herself.

Ruchee Gurung

Age: 24

From: Sutton

Occupation: Beautician

Biggest ick: I get the ick if I see a guy wearing white jeans and red trainers. Fashion is such an important thing for me. If I go on a date and the guy isn’t wearing something I like, I’m going home.

Ella Thomas

Age: 23

From: Glasgow

Occupation: Model

Biggest ick: Guys that sit on Instagram and like every girl’s picture is an ick for me. If I can see he’s been liking the girl’s posts on my “explore” page, it’s a no. I also get the ick if a guy can’t dress well.

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