Housewives’ last hurrah

See more photos from our shoot with the stars of The Real Housewives of Auckland
The Real Housewives of Auckland

With one truly dramatic finale episode, the first ever season of The Real Housewives of Auckland has come to a close.

It’s been one crazy ride throughout the show’s debut season and we’ll miss seeing the Housewives on our screens each week.

Check out a recap of the last episode here and click through to see more photos from our glammed-up photo shoot with the cast

Former fashion model Michelle Blanchard sparked one of the earliest catfights in the series by going head to head with Angela Stone over her ‘plus-size model’ jab.

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Quick Fire Questions with Michelle Blanchard

Louise Wallace’s take-no-prisoners attitude kept plenty of viewers captivated throughout the series.

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Quick Fire Questions with Louise Wallace

Julia Sloane hit headlines over her use of a racial slur during the series – one of many controversial moments from the debut season.

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Quick Fire Questions with Julia Sloane

Angela Stone found herself entangled in more than a few conflicts throughout the show.

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Quick Fire Questions with Angela Stone

Michelle is devoted to husband Dave and has two children with him, 14-year-old Curtis and 12-year-old Christelle – she tells how her family helped her through that shocking episode this season.

Louise Wallace – who has been married to husband Scott for 33 years – told us the secrets of her long-lasting relationship.

The Champagne Lady herself, Anne Batley Burton, stayed mostly drama-free compared to the other Housewives this season – but she did give viewers a tour of the ‘Pussy Palace’!

While most New Zealanders may know Gilda from her early socialite days, the busy mum-of-two co-founded her own creative agency and also recently wrote two children’s comic books. Read more about her day-to-day routine here..

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Quick Fire Questions with Gilda Kirkpatrick

Mum-of-three Angela also recently launched her own book titled Being Real.

An award-winning animal advocate, Anne founded The NZ Cat Foundation to care for stray and community cats.

Julia – who was previously married to auctioneer Dunbar Sloane – lives in Parnell with her new husband, investment banker Michael Lorimer and her two teenagers.

See more photos from Gilda’s book launch earlier this year here.

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