Hilary Barry’s top TV moments

We take a look at the popular presenter in action!
Hilary Barry

Hilary Barry’s unexpected resignation from TV3 left fans of the loved presenter in shock.

While it’s understood the veteran journalist will remain on-air for another month, we wanted to take a look back at some of her best moments over the years.

From her uncontrollable giggles to her interview with Oprah, here are her top 6 on screen clips.


The lovable broadcaster couldn’t stop her giggles after the phrase “Emergency defecation situation” pooped, err we mean popped, up in the news bulletin. Hils, we wouldn’t have been able to keep it together after that either!

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Oh no, another toilet incident gets her again but this time it’s a “serial pooper”! We love a running gag and give the 46-year-old mum extra points for carrying it on into the weather segment. Well played, Hilary.

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Hilary snorted at her own pun at the end of the six o’clock news. Good on Mike McRoberts for being a good wingman and rounding up this show himself so Hilary could just keep laughing. It’s safe to say that whenever Hilary got the giggles it made us love her even more.

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John Campbell’s departure from TV3 last year left a lot of people devastated, but none more so than our beloved Hils – who cried live on air after a story about the iconic broadcaster’s legacy. It was another genuine moment from Hilary that touched the hearts of many New Zealanders.

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Hilary managed to score the only interview that Oprah gave prior to her New Zealand visit last year and got through the whole thing without giggling or crying. Oprah didn’t get off so lightly though and got a bit teary when telling a story from her childhood. Hils was there to hold her hand though!

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She might be up at the crack of dawn to start work on breakfast programme Paul Henry but Hilary is always lively! During a recent ad break, the broadcaster showed off her twerking skills – giving the cameraman behind her a front row seat!

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