Laura Daniel and her DWTS partner Shae Mountain get matching tattoos

Now that's a committed friendship!

By Karyn Henger
It was a delight to watch their friendship grow throughout the series, and now Dancing With The Stars runner-up Laura Daniel has revealed that she and her dance partner Shae Mountain have matching tattoos.
Laura revealed on social media an image of their tattoos, a fine-lined star shape for Laura and a darker and bolder-lined star shape for Shae (male and female versions?). Both were inked in identical spots on their inner wrists.
She captioned the image: "How much do you love your dance partner tho? Is it this much?"

On the show's final episode Laura said she felt honoured to have been paired with Shae and that she couldn't imagine going through the experience with anyone else.
Shae said that even though he and Laura hadn't won, he felt "like a winner because I have a best friend for life".
Throughout the series the pair often referenced their close bond, with Laura, whose life partner is fellow comedian Joseph Moore, saying halfway through the series, "I wasn't expecting to get along with my dance partner this well so I'm just so stoked. I'd say I know he's a good friend because we've also had moments where we've butted heads and I only do that with my very close friends... When we got to that point I was oh, yes, this is the real deal."
Laura and Shae are not the first couple to get themselves inked after dancing together on the show.
Infomercial queen Suzanne Paul and dance partner Stefano Oliviero also got matching star tattoos after winning the series in 2007.
Meanwhile, finalist Clint Randell was dared by his The Edge radio co-hosts to get a tattoo of the glitter ball trophy if he won, but he was spared having to go through with it when he and dance partner Brittany Coleman instead took third place.
Many of the cast members appear to be missing one another now that the series has wrapped. Earlier this week Nadia Lim took to social media to reveal she was "missing these guys already" and a number of the dancers and celebrities responded with similar sentiments. Finalist William Waiirua suggested the cast organise a dinner.
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