Dancing With The Stars’ Randell once had a crack at winning NZ Idol – and he’s quite the all-rounder!

Obviously a man of many talents!
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In his first dance, Randell wowed everyone on Dancing With The Stars by pulling off a quickstep so polished even the judges were in awe.

But if you think Randell’s talents stop there, think again – because in 2006 the Edge radio host placed eighth – yes, that’s right, eighth, on the third season of nationwide singing competition New Zealand Idol.

As listeners of The Edge’s breakfast show will attest, Randell has received no end of ribbing from his co-host Dominic Harvey on his placing. But a place in the top 10 is better than no placing at all, right!

What could we do but find the original footage from NZ Idol to brighten our – and your – mornings! See below, and enjoy!

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Randell reckons the closest he’s come to “proper” dancing before DWTS was “a routine my groomsmen and I practised in the garage of my parents house on the day of my wedding”.

“We were meant to perform it down the aisle. The music started, we nervously all looked at each other, shook our heads, chickened out, pulled the pin and agreed never to speak of it again.”

Could he have missed his calling?

Randell – actual name, Clint (Dominic and Jay Jay Feeney voted to call him by his surname when he started on the The Edge because there was already another radio host named Clint) – is a doting dad to three-year-old daughter Cameron and son, Ty, two. He’s been married to his wife, Jaime, for nine years and has worked as a children’s TV presenter as well as dipped his toe in the acting pool with credits in Kiwi telefeatures, The Kick, and Venus & Mars.

He’s the second The Edge host to appear on DWTS. Jay Jay Feeney joined the cast in 2015.

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