Celebrity Treasure Island Elvis’ hot date with Rhianna

The Celebrity Treasure island finalist reveals what's next for him

When Woman’s Day chats to Celebrity Treasure Island finalist Elvis Lopeti, he’s busy shopping for a feast to cater for a viewing party of the reality show’s grand finale, which he’ll watch with his bestie and former flatmate, CTI veteran Lance Savali.

“Sweet chilli sauce, spring rolls, crackers and salami,” the 28-year-old says, reading out his shopping list. It’s a far cry from the rice and beans he was eating on the beaches of Northland.

“Oh, yeah, I was starving!” laughs the Tongan dancer and TikTok star. “I was like, ‘What is this?!’ As soon as I got home, I had KFC and McDonald’s. Yes, together. It was delicious!”

Of his time on Treasure Island, Elvis reflects, “It was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’d do it all over again if I had the chance, although I’m still not sure I’m a celebrity. But I learnt a lot on the show and I met so many great people. I’ll be friends for life with Joel, Siobhan, Cam, Susan… Everyone! We’ve been texting, going to parties and just hanging out.”

The star has an eye on a TV career.

He insists he doesn’t resent anyone’s lies. “I can only hold a grudge for five minutes and then I’m over it!” And he admits he’s lost any fitness he gained from all the high-energy challenges he did on the TVNZ 2 series. “I felt so fit afterwards, but I’ve not kept it up. I’m not doing that any more!”

As for his family and friends? “They’ve loved watching the show. They were so proud of me – and I’ve had a lot of people coming up to me on the street, saying, ‘You’re such a queen.’ They give me nice compliments.”

By the time you’re reading this, Elvis will be in the US, where he’ll be working with Kiwi dance superstar Parris Goebel on Rihanna’s highly anticipated Super Bowl half-time show in February.

“I’m assisting and it’s going to be iconic,” he says of the top-secret performance.

“I don’t have any expectations, but she’s amazing. Rihanna is just a lovely lady – so down-to-earth.”

Elvis and Parris are teaming up again.

When asked what’s next in store for Elvis, he replies, “Maybe acting. Some drama.” Could we see him starring alongside Courtenay on Shortland Street?

Joking, he laughs, “Oh, yeah! Maybe I can go on screen and cut her!”

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