The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys stars go head-to-head for Family Feud

The DIY duos are putting down their tools and facing off against each other in a whole new competition!
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On tonight’s all-star special of Family Feud, the boys and girls from The Block NZ are pitting their collective know-how against each other in the hopes of winning big for their chosen charities.

With plenty of laughs and some friendly rivalry in store, we chatted to team leaders Sam Cable and Niki Osborne about their strategy for the game show, how their teams worked together and what viewers can expect when they tune in tonight.

Catch a sneak peek of the teams on Family Feud above, and read on for Sam and Niki’s answers:

What charities did you pick to play for, and why?

Niki: The SPCA, because we are all passionate about animal welfare and it’s a good opportunity to draw attention to this amazing charity.

Sam: Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand. Since its girls vs boys we thought it might be cool to keep our charity to a men’s one. Us boys always do Movember too so [it] keeps it along the same lines.

What was your team strategy? Did it serve you well during the game?

Niki: Our strategy going into the game was to try and hit the buzzer as quick as possible so we had a choice to play or pass, then be realistic about what our chances were for answering the topics.

Sam: Our first strategy was to have fun. What’s the point in playing if you can’t have fun! We also weren’t going to pass in any question.

Were there any moments that caught you by surprise?

Niki: It caught me by surprise Tiff made a joke when answering her question! And we found out that the boys use their pets to practice kissing!

Sam: It’s very fast paced! The amount of silly things that popped out of people’s mouths was also surprising.

How well did your team work together?

Niki: Each team worked really well together and both sides had a load of fun.

Sam: The boys did well together. The girls should have backed themselves more.

Would you change anything about your approach if you got the chance to go on Family Feud again?

Niki: There’s nothing we would change, we had so much fun and as always the girls worked super well together!

Sam: Nothing at all. We played exactly how we wanted to. (Until it was rigged by production!).

Watch the teams on Family Feud tonight at 7.30pm on TV3. The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys airs Sunday at 7pm and Mondays-Wednesdays at 7.30pm on TV3.

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