Bachelorette Lesina opens up about the pressure she felt to be perfect

''I thought the image of what a bachelorette should be is someone who's like the perfect girl,'' Lesina confessed.
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A stunning beauty with a medical degree might seem like the whole package but bachelorette Lesina Nakhid-Schuster is at pains to point out she’s not perfect.

While she’s usually the one doing the probing, tonight on The Bachelorette ‘question assassin’ Lesina had the tables turned on her and her response was surprisingly candid.

Liam, who’s been doing a bit of soul searching of his own lately, asked Lesina, “What’s your expectation for these boys? Love? Or is it just to get to a point where you can potentially date someone out of ‘the bubble’?”

“I think when I first came in I was looking for ‘the one’ and all this kind of stuff and I was feeling, like, just pressure,” Lesina replied.

She admitted that by focusing on finding someone who ticked all the boxes she had perhaps been too quick to dismiss people because of minor flaws.

“That’s not how I should approach it at all because then I eliminate a bunch of great guys,” she admitted.

“I came into this being really fussy and maybe check listing people and that’s just not the way to go, I realise that now.”

But the honestly didn’t stop there.

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The bachelorette revealed not only that she had been overly critical of the men, but she had also been holding herself to standards which were unattainable.

“Coming into this whole thing I thought the image of what a bachelorette should be is someone who’s like the perfect girl,” Lesina confessed.

“I’m not perfect and it’s good to be able to just like let that out. No-one had that expectation of me I realised. I had that expectation of myself.”

Lesina’s self-reflection was welcomed by the men who know the pressure of life under the reality tv microscope all too well.

“It’s super refreshing to hear you say that because it makes you like one of us,” Liam encouraged.

The freedom to speak with candour has clearly lifted a weight off Lesina’s shoulders.

“It’s been a good therapy session for everyone. I don’t think I’ve been that real with the guys,” She revealed to the camera.

“As much as it’s been a process for them, it’s been a huge process for me too I think.”

The Bachelorette New Zealand airs Monday – Tuesday at 7:30pm and Sunday 7pm on TVNZ 2

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