Art Green on The Bachelor NZ: Week 9

Find out what New Zealand's first ever Bachelor thought of this week’s episodes!
Art Green

New Zealand’s first ever Bachelor Arthur Green found love on his season of the reality show, and now, the 27-year-old and his gorgeous gal Matilda Rice are sitting back and watching Jordan Mauger’s search for true love on season two.

With his unique love story unfolding in front of the cameras last year, the Paleo hunk has more insight than anyone into Jordan’s tumultuous journey to find Ms Right. So, we asked him the hard questions about this week’s episodes!

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Highlights and low lights

Highlight: Jordan and Naz’s chat about their “journey” so far. It seemed very genuine, funny and cute. Go them!

Low light: Seeing Erin leave. It’s always difficult at this stage. She seems like an amzing person, but the connection that Jordan has with the other two women was clearly stronger.

Rose rating: Five roses.

The dates were great this week, and the locations were absolutely spectacular. Jordan had some great moments of connection and romance with Naz and Fleur. I think Jordan has done really well to get to where he is now with two great women that he has strong connections with. It’s too tough to call who he has stronger feelings for, so next week will be very intense.

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