Art Green recaps The Bachelor NZ: Week 2

Find out what New Zealand's first Bachelor thought of this week’s latest episodes!
Art Green, Matilda Rice

New Zealand’s first ever Bachelor Arthur Green found love on his season of the reality show, and now, the 27-year-old and his gorgeous gal Matilda Rice are sitting back and watching Jordan Mauger’s search for true love on season two.

With his unique love story unfolding in front of the cameras last year, the Paleo hunk has more insight than anyone into Jordan’s tumultuous journey to find Ms Right. So, we asked him the hard questions about this week’s episodes!

Below, Art dishes on everything from Naz’s shocking schemes to the meaning behind the rose order at the end of each episode.

Naz steals Jordan for some one-on-one time to reveal who’s on her ‘hit list’.

Let’s talk about Naz. Is her scheming the real deal, or from your experience, would you say producers are playing their hand?

Naz is an absolute character! I think she is the real deal. She is hilarious. She is definitely playing the game to win rather than to actually find love.

What do you think about the girls’ countless attempts to flat out ask for a rose – yay or nay?

Definitely nay. The girls are naive if they think asking for a rose will somehow compel Jordan to want to give them one. Roses mean too much to be given away to anyone that asks for one. It also makes the situation awkward when he is forced to shoot them down.

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How important is the rose order?

Very. I used it as a way of sending messages to the girls. Whether they understood them or not, I don’t know.

Does it mean anything if Jordan hasn’t handed out a rose during the week?

Means nothing. I liked to hand out as many roses during dates and cocktail parties as possible so that the rose ceremonies would be over sooner, haha.

The Bachelorettes get ready for the rose ceremony.

Highlights and low lights of the week:

I can’t think of any low lights but the highlight was when Shari and Jordan were at the museum and were joking around about the artwork – I think it showed their shared sense of humour.

Lindsey was the latest Bachelorette to be sent home this week.

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