Alistair Wilkinson and Russ Flatt’s wedding bliss

Alistair Wilkinson and Russ Flatt share their special day with Woman’s Day.
Alistair Wilkinson and Russ Flatt

When they first met and fell in love eight years ago, 60 Minutes presenter Alistair Wilkinson and award-winning photographer Russ Flatt both dreamed of one day getting married and starting a family. But at the time, neither was legal.

However, now, their dreams have been fulfilled. Two and a half years ago, they became fathers to a 10-year-old son who came into their lives via Child, Youth and Family’s Home for Life programme.

And now Alistair and Russ have tied the knot, sharing their gorgeous forest ceremony near Auckland’s Piha Beach with Woman’s Day.

Alistair tells us, “When I met Russ, it may have appeared things were going well for me. I was on TV, I had an apartment in the city and I had a lot of flash friends. But my heart was telling me to settle down, to get married and have a family. However, my head told me that wasn’t possible. Now we feel blessed to have the life we have.”

For the full story about this gorgeous family and all the wonderful pics from the wedding, see the latest issue of Woman’s Day.

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