Alison Pugh announces her first pregnancy

TVNZ presenter Alison Pugh is expecting her first child!
Ali Pugh

TVNZ presenter Alison Pugh is expecting her first child. Announcing her pregnancy in Woman’s Day magazine, the Breakfast co-host says she’s delighted with the news and confirms she is five months along.

Ali, 29, and her fiancé Jo Barus, 40, kept their happy news out of the public spotlight for 20 weeks, but she admits it’s been a tough secret to keep on live Breakfast television, experiencing constant nausea, dizziness, migraines – and even a fainting spell.

Having the understanding of co-hosts Rawdon Christie and Sam Wallace certainly helped, she says.

“We are so, so excited,” says Ali. “I’ve always wanted to be a mum. I’m really happy to be sharing the news now. ”

Ali confirms she plans to return to the Breakfast couch after she’s had her baby.

“I’m really looking forward to being able to talk to Pippa [Wetzell] and Toni [Street] about how they juggled a newborn and still did the crazy Breakfast hours,” she says.

Woman’s Day goes on-sale nationally on Monday, June 8.

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