William and Kate let their hair down

The young sports-mad couple let loose in Glasgow.

There must be something about watching sporting events that encourages young royals Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William to let their hair down.

Two years ago, they indulged in a rare public display of affection at the London Olympics, hugging each other enthusiastically while watching the British cycling team compete. Last week, there were more signs of just how much in love they are as they held hands while enjoying the action at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. At one stage, Kate even laid a tender hand on William’s knee.

The couple, who have been married for three years, seemed oblivious to the cameras trained on them as they watched gymnastics, swimming, hockey and boxing.These are just a few of the events the pair have attended and even got involved with during the Commonwealth Games. Kate was also seen participating in a South African jumping game of Three Tins – in wedges and all – much to the delight of the crowd.

The couple have been married for three years and seemed oblivious to the cameras trained on them as they watched the Commonwealth Games.

During the swimming, William tried to cool down his wife – who appeared to be feeling the effects of the warm weather in Scotland – by fanning her with her security pass. Kate giggled as William waved the pass in front of her face.

They were joined by Prince Harry, and managed to take their seats at the gymnastics competition without the crowd noticing they were there. Only when a close-up shot of the trio was flashed on the arena’s giant TV screens did everyone realise they’d been joined by royalty. When the spectators broke into applause, Kate appeared not to realise the clapping was for them, and joined in, inadvertently clapping herself.

The royals looked enthralled by the events, both cheering on and commiserating the athletes. As the future head of the Commonwealth, William should, by rights, be supporting all countries and not have any favourites.

He appeared to be diplomatically cheering everyone, but the future Prince of Wales did look especially happy when Welsh swimmer Jazz Carlin earned a gold.

Kate was pictured gasping and covering her face with her hand when Wales lost to Scotland in the women’s hockey.

Her son, Prince George, stayed at home with his nanny, Maria Borrallo. Several times during the day, his parents seemed distracted by their phones – possibly receiving progress reports on how their son was getting on. The one-year-old is apparently having regular swimming sessions in the pool at Buckingham Palace.

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