The six stages of the coronation

The historic event follows a specific order that has been followed for centuries

There are typically six stages to the coronation service. The palace has yet to confirm if all will be followed.

First is the recognition. The King will be presented, the congregation will shout, “God save the King!” and trumpets will sound.

Next comes the oath, when the King swears to uphold the law and the Church of England.

This is followed by the most sacred part of the proceeding, the anointing in holy oil under a canopy.

Then, during the investiture, the King will be presented with the Sovereign’s Orb and Sceptre, and the St Edward’s Crown will be placed on his head. This is the only time the King will wear the crown throughout his reign.

Finally comes the enthronement, when the King will move to the throne, and the homage, when Prince William will kneel before his father.

Queen Camilla will then also be anointedand crowned.

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