The Queen gives Prince Charles the eye roll at her birthday celebrations – and other adorable moments with Her Majesty

We swear Her Majesty is getting cheekier with age!
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The eye roll is a common phenomenon in family homes – usually exhibited by junior members of the household and, very occasionally, also used by parents.

But would you expect to see the eye roll in a royal household?

The answer is yes, if The Queen’s response to Prince Charles’ gentle ribbing of her at her 92nd birthday concert is anything to go by.

As reported by the Daily Mail, at the conclusion of The Queen’s 92nd birthday celebrations, held on April 21 at the Royal Albert Hall, Prince Charles took to the stage to raise three cheers to his mother.

Prince Charles initially referred to The Queen as ‘Your Majesty’, but then called her ‘Mummy’.

The Queen responded with an adorable little eye roll.

Is it just us or have you noticed the Queen seems to be showing more of her mischievous side lately?

The show featured a spectacular line-up of artists including Sting and Shaggy, Tom Jones and Kylie Minogue. The Queen’s birthday is April 21, however the public holiday to celebrate her birthday is June 6.

Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince William were among royal family members to join the Queen in the Royal box, and Prince Harry took to the stage to wish his grandmother a happy birthday.

“If you do not mind me saying, you are not someone who is easy to buy gifts for,” he quipped.

Here’s to royals being decidedly down-to-earth. And here are some of our favourite everyday moments with The Queen:

Because when your lippy comes off, what can you do but apply more?

There’s nothing like a glass of wine to make the world seem a nicer place.

Whatever it is that’s taken Her Majesty’s fancy, we wish we were in on the joke.

Nothing beats a good, brisk walk to get your blood pumping.

Are they sure they know where they’re going? A common conversation on an Uber ride home.

“What on earth are they doing? I wouldn’t have done it like that.”

When your dog photo bombs your important meeting.

Because your grandchildren and great grandchildren are always funnier than your kids were when they were that age – it’s not your problem to sort things out!

When your glasses fog up and you can’t find any tissues in your handbag.

When you’re just too furious for words!

Anyone who has watched their child sing the national anthem at school would have been here too. In the poignant moment captured in this photo, the Queen is watching a group of school children perform at a Commonwealth Day celebration.

The look your mother gives you when she is not impressed.

Crying with laughter!

No, I love you more.

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