The controversial gift to Prince Charles

What the f#%$?
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Prince Charles was given a warm but unconventional welcome when he visited Auckland on Sunday.

The future King was presented with a rather unorthodox gift – a T-shirt with the slogan “unf#%$ the world”.

The Prince was given the shirt after an emotional performance by Nga Rangatahi Toa youth group.

The charity, which aims to help and inspire troubled youth, meant no offense with their gift – the slogan is used to empower their members.

Nga Rangatahi Toa members use the slogan “Unf#%$ the world” to inspire each other. Image/Facebook.

Vanessha Erita Pukerua, one of the youth group’s members, told the Daily Mail they use the phrase to encourage ideals of growth, healing and positivity.

“Unf#%$ the world is Nga Rangatahi Toa saying we have choices, we can fix and heal and change the world around us – leave it better than how we found it,” she said.

To her, the phrase “unf#%$ the world” means to not be tied down by the cards you’re dealt in life.

Prince Charles enjoyed his conversation with members of Nga Rangatahi Toa, receiving their unconventional gift with good spirits.

Prince Charles was chuffed to receive the shirt, receiving it with a huge grin. He later enjoyed a private chat with members of Nga Rangatahi Toa.

The group brings together underprivileged youths with successful Kiwis who act as mentors, guiding them to create an artistic project that reflects their life experiences.

Vanessha said the group was really more like “one big family with a bunch of talents, where everyone shows their love and supports and encourages one another”.

Nga Rangatahi Toa founder, Sarah Longbottom, praised Prince Charles for his own efforts with youth.

The charity’s founder, Sarah Longbottom, commended Prince Charles for a trust he set up nearly four decades ago to help change young people’s lives.

“We’re hosting you as a prince, but more importantly as an amazing human being,” she said.

What do you think of the charity’s gift to Prince Charles? Was it fit for a king? Tell us on Facebook!

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