Sarah Ferguson says she feels ‘desperately sorry’ for Duchess Meghan: ‘I’ve been in her shoes’

The Duchess of York has again spoken out in support of the new mum.

Sarah Ferguson has once again spoken out in support of the Duchess of Sussex saying she feels "desperately sorry" for her after dealing with more than a year of intense scrutiny and criticism.
Speaking to Vogue Arabia, the former wife of Prince Andrew drew on her own experiences during her time in the royal family, saying she'd been in Duchess Meghan's shoes.
"It must be hard for Meghan, and I can relate to her," the 60-year-old told the publication.
"I believe she is modern and fabulous. She was famous before. She is great. Why can't Meghan be great? Why can't she be celebrated?"
The Duchess of York says she can relate to Meghan, saying she's been in her shoes. (Images: Getty)
Indeed, if anyone in the royal family were able to relate to Meghan it would be Sarah, who ever since her marriage to the Queen's second son in 1986 has had every aspect of her life under the microscope.
It's with this in mind that it's unsurprising her answer to whether she has any advice for Meghan is restrained.
"Any advice for her? I tend not to give advice because it is taken out of context, but I have been in Meghan's shoes, and I still am," she confides.
"There's always a twist of negativity and it just gets so sad and tiring; it's hard and mean. I abhor bullying and I feel desperately sorry for the pain they must be going through because I've been through it."
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It's not the first time Sarah has spoken out in support of Meghan. In February the Duchess wrote an open letter to Hello!, condemning the public and media pitting women against each other – referring to the month-long narrative that reported Meghan and the Duchess of Cambridge were feuding.
"Women, in particular, are constantly pitted against and compared with each other in a way that reminds me of how people tried to portray Diana and me all the time as rivals, which is something neither of us ever really felt."
She also weighed in on social media users who say damaging and abusive things online.
"People feel licensed to say things online that they would never dream of saying to someone's face, and that encourages others to pile in.
"It's so ubiquitous that we've all become numb to what's going on. Bullying, sniping, bitching, even the appalling sexism, racism and homophobia are commonplace… I believe that it's time to take a stand."
When Sarah and Princess Diana were young, similar claims of feuds and fights between the two were commonplace – but that was before the time of social media.
Now, she says new platforms like Twitter and Instagram "terrify" her.
Sarah says platforms like Twitter and Instagram "terrify" her as people can say whatever they want to without saying it to their face. (Image: Getty)
The Duchess of York has again found her family – she shares two daughters with Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie – under intense scrutiny in the wake of the allegations against Andrew and what came of his BBC Newsnight interview which was largely viewed as disastrous.
The aftermath of the interview has resulted in Prince Andrew stepping back from duties as a full-time working royal, however, Sarah been unwavering in support for the father of her children.
Taking to Instagram ahead of the interview which aired in November Sarah wrote: "It is so rare to meet people that are able to speak from their hearts with honesty and pure real truth, that remains steadfast and strong to their beliefs.

"Andrew is a true and real gentleman and is stoically steadfast to not only his duty but also his kindness and goodness of always seeing the best in people. I am deeply supportive and proud of this giant of a principled man, that dares to put his shoulder to the wind and stands firm with his sense of honour and truth.
"For so many years he has gone about his duties for Great Britain and The Monarch. It is time for Andrew to stand firm now, and that he has, and I am with him every step of the way and that is my honour. We have always walked tall and strong, he for me and me for him.
"We are the best examples of joint parenting, with both our girls and I go back to my three C's … Communicate Compromise Compassion."