Queen’s guard in rape scandal

Shocking "initiation" ceremonies for the Queen's Guards.
Queen's Royal Guards.

UK police and Army are investigating an incident where soldiers were forced to rape each other in terrifying initiation ceremonies, reports the Sun on Sunday.

Two male recruits were allegedly commanded by superiors to perform sexual acts on each other whilst being jeered at by colleagues. The incident was filmed on mobile phones.

The footage was then shared around the camp and then pair were mercilessly bullied although it was obvious they they were being forced to perform the acts.

The video was also posted to social media.

The pair had completed seven months of training at Catterick, before joining 2 Company, at Pirbirght Barracks in Surrey. These barracks are home to The Welsh Guards who are a part of the Household Division that guard the Queen.

The alleged incident took place after the pair had completed their first ceremonial duty at the Tower of London.

“They were welcomed in and greeted by a lot of the lads who were older and more senior,” a source said.

“They were made to feel part of the group after their first week with 2 Company and felt like they were fitting in. It was a Sunday night and Wales were playing Uruguay in the Rugby World Cup.

“They were told to grab a shower and head upstairs to a TV room where they could see the game and have a few beers. They had probably heard rumours about initiation ceremonies at Catterick, where 2 Company is often referred to as The Gay Company. But there is no way they would have expected what was about to happen.”

Since the incident, one of the soldiers has gone AWOL with psychiatric issues, and is reportedly going to be released from duties, while the other remains with the battalion but is said to still be suffering from bullying.

“It is outrageous what has happened to these two. All the Companies have initiation ceremonies but none like this,” continued the source.

“The Prince of Wales Company, for example, just make recruits drink weird concoctions, which is a long way from sexual abuse. The guy who is leaving is taking an Administrative Discharge because he just wants out, and the other bloke is having problems too.

“They are both young guys who just wanted to be in the Army and for this to happen and potentially ruin their careers is absolutely appalling.”

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