Princess Eugenie gets a right royal telling off for posting a picture of her dad on Instagram – here’s why

It seems the Princess revealed a little too much!

Remember the photo Princess Eugenie posted on Instagram showing her Dad Prince Andrew in the halls of Kensington Palace?

Well, it seems she received a right royal telling off for it, because she inadvertently revealed to her 288,000 followers a part of Buckingham Palace that is not open to the public.

Unlike members of the royal family such as Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who are considered full-time royals, Princess Eugenie is allowed to run her own social media accounts. In June, following Trooping the Colour, she posted an image of her dad Prince Andrew and captioned the post, “A wonderful and proud day celebrating Her Majesty’s birthday and @hrhthedukeofyork for his first Trooping the Colour as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards. #troopingthecolour”

But the snap revealed a part of the palace normally closed off to the public — giving us an inprecedented peek at treasured royal paintings, stately furniture and a plush red carpet. Oops.

Princess Eugenie and her sister Princess Beatrice feature in this month’s issue of British Vogue and Eugenie revealed in their interview: “I recently got in trouble for posting a picture of Papa in a corridor of the palace that was off-limits to the public.”

In the interview the sisters also talked about how they cope with public mockery.

Princess Eugenie said, “There was a horrible article that had been written about Beatrice and she got really upset.

“We were just about to step out and she had a bit of a wobble and cried. I was looking after her. And then about an hour later, I had a wobble and started crying and Bea was there for me.”

On her upcoming October 12 wedding the bride-to-be said, “It’s very nerve-wracking because you want it to be perfect but then you realise that you’re going to be with the person you love forever and nothing else really matters.”

She’d like her wedding to be plastic-free.

Eugenie and Beatrice even let us in on the source of one of their biggest fights. It was a pair of Converse sneakers.

Well, sisters will be sisters, right? Whether they’re royal or otherwise.

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