Shaken but uninjured: Prince Philip is recovering at home after being involved in a car accident

News of the accident came as a shock to all.
Prince Philip car crash

Prince Philip has been involved in a car crash near Sandringham Estate, but is thankfully not hurt. The Duke of Edinburgh was pulling out of a driveway when the range rover overturned hon Thursday afternoon. Another vehicle is said to have been involved.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace has confirmed the 97-year-old was driving the vehicle at the time but was not injured and police have attended the scene.

“The Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a road traffic accident with another vehicle this afternoon.

“The Duke was not injured.”

The Queen and Prince Philip are currently staying at the Sandringham Estate. (Source: Getty)

The BBC reported that eyewitnesses spotted the overturned vehicle on the side of the road and stopped to help.

One eyewitness, local resident Nick Cobb, told the BBC he was was driving past with his daughter when they spotted an overturned car a short distance from their home.

“There was lots of debris in the road, lots of glass and lots of other cars, some police cars, some from the Sandringham Estate and about six ordinary looking cars that looked as though they had stopped to help,” Nick says.

“We only found out that it was the Duke’s car when we saw it on the news. The road was not blocked by the crash and was open when we came past.”

Norfolk Police say two people in one of the vehicles suffered minor injuries.

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Prince Philip is now reportedly back at Sandringham, where he and the Queen have been staying since Christmas, and has seen a doctor “as a precautionary measure”.

While Prince Philip has a driving license, his wife, the Queen does not need one. The Queen is excluded from the regulations and laws governing the road as part of the powers and rights that only the sovereign get to enjoy.

Prince Philip famously drove the Obamas (and the Queen) to lunch in 2016. The then US President and First Lady were on a brief visit to the UK, and Prince Philip drove the presidential couple and the Queen to lunch at Windsor Castle.

Prince Philip driving the Queen and the Barrack and Michelle Obama in 2016. (Source: Getty)

Prince Philip retired from his royal duties in August 2017 after attending more than 22, 219 solo engagements since 1952.

Edit: Just a few days later, Philip was spotted driving again, without a seat belt.

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