Prince Harry to inherit $17.8 million from Princess Diana when he turns 30

Prince Harry is set to become even richer in a couple of weeks when he hits his landmark 30th birthday and receives a large inheritance from his mother Diana’s estate.
Prince Harry

When Diana, Princess of Wales, died in 1997, her will, which was drawn up in 1993, bequeathed a £10 million (approximately $17.8 million) share of her fortune to William and Harry when they turn 25. Executors later decided to change the age to 30.

Prince Harry’s older brother Prince William received his share in 2008 and now Harry is due to turn 30 on September 15th.

The Prince has already been able to access the interest on his mother’s fortune for the past five years and also has access to the £2 million (approximately $3.5 million) that he inherited from his Great Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth – the Queen Mother.

In addition to this, Harry, who holds the rank of Captain in the Army Air Corps, also receives a salary of £40,000 (approximately $71,000) a year from the military.

Although a palace spokesman has declined to comment on the amount that Harry will receive, it is believed to be more than what his older brother William received in 2012 due to the interest accumulated in the interim.

Harry is already in possession of some of his mother’s jewellery which he shares with his older brother. The Prince may also choose to leave part of his inheritance in the trust, which was set up to last 80 years.

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